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Need to get rid of some of my skis, these make the most sense with my current quiver. Great all arounders. 05-06 model from last year (orange topsheet) Plenty of Cut and an 89cm waist so they float well but still rail on groomers. They have a fresh tune on them, nover had a core shot. Drilled once for px12's wihth I want to keep for an upcoming Pow+ project, but could be talked out of it for the right price. The topsheets are in the best condition of all my skis, a few nicks at the tips, but nothing deep, jsut the regular wear from scrapes. I've been on them for about 4 or 5 days, and bought them as a demo ski from a shop, they supposedly had 10 days, and I have no reason to believe otherwise. They have a the permanent pen writing on one of these skis becuase of theis (a small 2x2 swuare in fron of the toepiece). If you want pics send me your email addy. NOt sure what to get form these, a thread below is asking $37o or something for 168's, I'd think these are a mroe desired length. Make me an offer, need enough to pay some bills, but just can't justify these in the garage when they are getting skiied mostly as loaners to friends. This is being cross posted to TGR, where I'm more of a regular member. Send me your email if you'd like pictures.