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5 2007-08 Skis Demoed

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The Skis;
* Head Supershape Magnum (170) (73 underfoot)
* Volkl Racetiger GS (175-177?)
* Volkl Tigershark (170-the non-switch ski-10Foot)
* Volkl AC4 (177)
* Rossi Z9 (176)
Me: Ex ski instructor, age 67, 6', 225 lbs, level 8 skier, love to carve up the groomers, moderately fast skier (for my age). Can ski "old school" or modern "cross under" techniques, enjoy a variety of turn shapes.
Test Run: Tested all skis on same run. Starts out a blue/black with some rolling terrain, then wide green/blue in middle, last third is all moderately wide and blue.Conditions: groomed Eastern hard pack early-softer as morning wore on.
Turn Types: On top did some slow White Pass/weighted Release turns; in middle did some high-speed, "park & Ride" carved turns; bottom- medium to short-radius carved turns
Miscellaneous: Started and ended my "test" session with a ride on my Volkl Allstars (2005-06--168). The two runs on the Volkl Racetiger GS were done while I was waiting for other Volkls to come back. These skis love speed, are rock solid, unreal edge hold, and very good carvers (at speed). Had to be on my game at all time, however, or they threw me for a loop. I could, and would, get into a lot of trouble on these skis! I didn't include them in the categories below.
Categories (Top Three):
Ease To Initiate:
Rossi Z9; Head Supershape; Allstars
Tolerant Of "Old School" Technique: Allstars; Rossi Z9; Supershape
Edge Hold: Tigershark; Supershape; Allstars (this was a close call, however)
Smoothness: Allstars; Rossi Z9; Supershape
Best Carver: Tigershark; Supershape; Allstars (another close call)
Overall Favorites: Allstars; Supershape; Tigershark
Miscellaneous- If I were to buy a second pair of skis for Big Mountain, soft snow-the Volkl AC4'4 would be strong contenders. Very stable, good edge hold, decent carver, very predictable. The Rossi Z9's were very relaxing to ski. They would be a great all day ski; great instructor ski, very good at slow speeds with a variety of turn types and shapes.
Bottom Line: As you can see, none of the skis tested impressed me enough to sell my 1 1/2 year-old Volkl Allstars. These remain my all-time favorite ski!
Hope this helps
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I was on the Volkl Tigershark today at Kirkwood thanks to SierraJim. My model was the one with the power switch at the tail, carbon rods and springs in the tips of the ski. I had first chair this morning and everyone commented on these shiny metallic looking carvers. According to the Ski Patrol "you'll never see one of us on one of those", as he skated off on some Big Daddies.

These skis are a complete hand full. With the power switch off, they were stiff and demanded to be put on a carve with a radius of their choosing. Undercut that radius or get defensive with a skid and these skis fought back. Does NOT tolerate old school skids and is unforgiving in soft crud and chopped powder. Of course we had the first chair on Cornice and so we obeyed what this ski wanted...ski fast with a high edge on fresh corduroy. Very fast, very precise, very demanding. I dumped these after 4-hours in favor of my Sugar Daddies. I might try again for a while, but frankly, for me too much of a one trick pony. It could be the Indian rather than the arrow, but these are the first skis that I could not bend to my will. I love the AllStars, 6 Stars, Fischer RX9 and think the Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3 and HR Afterburner are an absolute kick. Looks like this TigerShark is just not my cup O joe.

One last thing. If you stand in the starting lineup with these skis, you better deliver something special, because they don't go unnoticed.
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Cirque, what change did the switch make in how they skied?
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