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Iron temp for Toko Wax

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I wasn't able to get Swix LF wax today so I bought Toko.
I bought Yellow, Red and Blue (all LF).
I have not been able to locate the temp for the iron when using these waxes - Swix clearly puts it on the packaging.
If I compare the snow temps of these waxes to those of the Swix waxes, I would estimate:
120deg for Yellow
135deg for Red
150deg for Blue
Anyone know if I'm close?
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Does your iron give you a digital temp reading? I've never used "specific tempratures" for determining what temp wax should be melted at. I guess i'm old school and just shoot from the hip as longf as it melts consistent and does not smoke your all good. I have the yellow LF and the generic white toko wax. The yellow one is ofcourse realy soft so not a lot of temp is needed to melt it (set my iron on #2 for that one).

But i have an infra-red heat senor i use for tunneing my r/c cars engine i could give u some numbers in a week (got a few days left on my bases before they need to be waxed).
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