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Quick question: Rossi Bandit B2 v. B3

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My Stats:

Level: 7+
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 185 Pounds (trying to lose some weight, though)
Age: 33
Years skiing: 23 off and on and currently on some K2s from about 1997 or so.

Greetings all and thanks for the help so far!

I am going up to Mt. Hood Meadows tomorrow and will be demoing! I only get two choices for the day, so I need a little advice. I'm looking for a good ski to handle Cascade crud, ski some moguls, chopped up groomers and the occasional trip into knee-deep powder. I'm an all-mountain kind of guy, but I always look for powder when I can find it.

I am thinking of trying a Rossi Bandit B2 at 174 cm and a B3 at 176 cm. I have demoed a Volkl AC4 at 177 cm and it was too much ski for me on the cut-up groomed (I could ski it, but it wasn't fun...too much work).

My question: Has anyone skied the B2 and the B3 and is there much of a difference? Is it worth my time to try out the two Rossis or should I go with the B2 and something else? Is the B3 close to the Volkl AC4?

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate all of the advice I've gotten so far.
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Based on my experience on the B2 (albeit in a much shorter length) and the written specs on the B3 (which I haven't had the opportunity to ski), I'd expect the B3 to be a better ski for your use cases (particularly crud). I'm used to skiing on race ski shapes (and mostly on race skis), so the B2 provides enough float for me to be happy with it on most East Coast powder days; however, it's not a particularly stiff ski, and my Volkl T50 Five Stars (model year unknown to me) feel like tanks compared to the B2s. I should add, as a caveat, that my Volkls (new to me this year) are 168cm and my B2s are 158cm; last year, my all-around skis were a pair of Rossi T-Power Vipers (same sidecut as a 9S from the first year of widespread super-sidecut slalom skis) in a 167cm.

FWIW, I'm 5'9" at 175 lbs.

If the AC4s felt like too much ski at 177cm, did you try a step shorter? I'd think that you might find a 167ish all mountain ski (e.g. B3) worthwhile if a177cm all-mountain was too much to be fun.
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B3 in a 176cm.
I'm about your size [5'10", 175lbs] and about your level.
If I skied a AC4, I'd go with a 170cm.
The B3 is a much softer ski than the AC4 and won't wear you down as the day progresses. You might also want to try a Dynastar Legend 8000 in a 172cm. Good luck.
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