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Are new skis really that much different?

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I know the wider skis made today are different from the more narrow "All Mountain" skis of five years ago BUT are the other models much different? K2 made an Axis X and XT 5 years ago with identical dimension to some of their best sellers (Crossfire etc.) in today's lineup. Head has been making CHIP skis for several years with identical dimensions. Volkl has made the same basic carving ski for at least 5 years and they all seem closely kin to the model that preceded the 5 star. Atomic, Fischer, Elan and others seem to still be selling the same GS and SL race skis that were selling 5 years ago. If the dimensions are the same and the materials are the same and even the descriptions in their marketing materials are the same then how much difference can there be?
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Hey Steve your right they just change the name and appearance sometimes but if you want to know how many changes were made or what changes were made you can either become a ski technology geek or you can pay for membership somewhere like that RealSkiers.com website where Peter Keelty does annual reviews of skis and tells you how the models change and in some cases he will tell you it did not change other than graphics.
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Yep, there are a lot of similarities, and some models do run 3-5 years or longer with only cosmetic changes. Other models do get tweaks every 1-2 years though. Volkl seems to tweak more often than some of the other brands.
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I believe the RX8 has been the same ski for 3 or 4 years.
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I did not make myself clear. I know an RX8 is probably an RX8 but what about something like the K2 XT compared to the Crossfire. Nearly all the carving skis have similar dimensions to skis made 5 - 6 years ago and the construction is similar too. For example Crossfires now sell for $400 - $500 but the XT is worth less than $200. Is the Crossfire really a better ski? There are similar Dynastar carvers from 5 years ago that did not change until this past year. Elans are also similar.Since the laws of physics didn't change and the construction techniques aren't that much different do the newer carving skis really ski better than their four year old siblings?
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quite frankly, if I didn't have access to great deals on this years gear, I would have no qualms buying last years stuff on Ebay especially for some of the deals that are out there.
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the question i see is did u demo a nomad yet
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