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Mt. Bachelor Summit chair?

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I'm headed to Mt. Bachelor next week for the first time...I've been noticing that the Summit chair is closed quite often.

Is it possible (allowable) to hike to the Summit from the top of the Northwest Express?...Thanks!
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It would be really a bad idea. If it is closed because of high winds and low visability you don't want to be up there any way. If it is closed for avalanch danger you will be risking the lives of the skiers below you.

If you really want to go, hike it from the rainbow chair, and traverse to the east side where it doesn't affect other skiers. If you go far around enough you can get ito an area which is never open and risk your neck in peace.

The later in the season you go the better the chance it will be open. If it is, be sure to ski off the back.

edit: Just re-read your post. Allowable? No, not usually. Ask the patrol, because of the above reasons. There is some good touring out there and they might let you go, or tell you how to get to the back from near Kwohl Butte, but if you want to see some back countery, check out Tumalo Mtn, just across the road from the resort.
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After wanting to get to the summit and being denied I finally got there last year. I had never skied from the tipy top of a volcano before. How cool is that? Well, I found out that it's not that big of a deal. It looks cooler from below than it does from on top. There's plenty of good stuff below tree line. As newfydog says, if it's closed you don't want to be up there anyway.
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Thanks for the feedback on my ill-conceived idea! :

I was getting a little bent that it looked as if, with the Summit chair closed, that I was losing access to 30-40% of the skiable terrain on the mountain...but hey, if the snow is good...and it looks to be...I'll be a happy camper!

I've been watching the cams for the past few weeks and today is the first time I've seen the sun peek through...wow, talk about socked in...guess that's how they get a 153" base!
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dude, you are heading to a pile of snow...

The great Alta Utah: 318" this year, 118 on the ground

The oft maligned Mt Bachelor: 358" this year 146 on the ground at the base

The snow is not as consistantly light as the rockies, but the powder comes until May, and modern skis were made for this snow. Later in the season there are very few chasing it. Check out the woods by Ed's garden and hike the cone.
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Ever do the Inside of the Cone or the backside into Ed's Garden?
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And...the Summit chair opened yesterday! Here are some pics from "FirstTracks".

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Sunday Services

That was yesterday! Today was quite a different story. Off-piste was in the Forbidden Zone till around 11. Charged at it only to blow off a heel release. Nothing like railing 1 ski through Icy chopped up snow. Atomic Heel bindings are not safe. Maybe I need to go to 10 DIN Once it softened up it was only heinous. The Groom was SWEET. Fast and smoove. I left at 1:00 and it was at it's peak. Got chores @ the ranch ya know. : Word on the hill is big Snow next week! Could be a bit on the warm side.
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The pictures from 3-3 look great but can be a little decieving. 2in of new snow on top of 7in from Fri. Pretty heavy stuff, but still fun.

Bring some fat skis.
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