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Alta - March 2, 2007

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Call me lucky.

My business partner and I came down to Alta for the weekend to do some "work" schmoozing. So we arrived at the Alta Peruvian lodge last night in a raging blizzard and woke up to more heavy snow (and wind!). I've always dreamed of being interlodged, and sure enough, we were on "maximum interlodge" this morning. I think that's something like double secret interlodge but I'm not sure.

Anyway, they did finally let us out of the lodge and we got a few runs in before the hordes from the valley arrived.

Here's what our car (the one in the foreground) looked like this morning:

Here's what my partner looked like about 45 minutes later:

Here's what I looked like about two hours after that when the sun came out:

And about 30 seconds after that:

And here's my partner with Mt. Superior in the background. The end of a great day.

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All I can say Bob.........ARE YOU HIRING????????
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Now I know why you weren't answering your phone!!!
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best TR on here for awhile(other take note you must take pictures!!!)

bob when you heading over to the other LCC resort?
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Now *that* is what I call an EPIC day!!

Awesome pics...thanks!
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Outstanding. I'm glad more Bears are gettin' this stuff, instead of a few odd locals hollering now and then...'course then Bob qualifies as a local, having paid his dues in SLC...Having the canyon closed for a while with you guys up there is a real treat. Yesterday was the best day yet this year, I'd venture.
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Thanks for the pics, Bob. I DREAM of a day like that! Especially, since I need to work on my powder skills.
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Looked incredible. Heading out there in a week, although the forecast so far doesn't look that great snow-wise. Sunny and 45 degrees (that's PC's extended forecast), can't find another 10 day one for LCC and BCC
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Thanks for showing me what I didn't get to ski. Me and the Mrs. chased the storm and drove up to SLC Thursday. We were at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon at 8:15 am on Friday ready to make first chair and ski that snow. Unfortunately the avalanche work in the Canyon was bigger than expected and they said the road would not open until 10:00 instead of 8:00, so you had it all to yourself while the rest of us had to sit in our cars for 2 hrs. or go ski somewhere else. The good news is that we bailed and were just over the mountain on the chair at Solitude by 9:30 skiing some of the same stuff.

Heard that after they opened the road at 10:00 a bus got stuck and delayed the crowds even longer. It's nice to be at Alta or Snowbird with the canyon is closed. We did make it to the Bird the next day and since Mineral Basin, Baldy Shoulder and the Gad II lift had all been closed on Friday there was plenty of untracked left.

I wouldn't call you lucky, you went there on purpose. As the saying goes, "You can't get dumped on at Alta, if you're not at Alta."
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take back?

bob, are you starting to rethink the comments you make two weeks ago here?

I hear this one all the time... "It was...
I hear this one all the time...
"It was waist-deep, man!"
Maybe on a four-year-old.

it seemed to be waist deep in the parking lot, it have to be neck deep up high!!
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Some would say that's luck. I say you make your own breaks. Well done.
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Well, it looks like you hit a fair amount of powder. Nicely done. Just know that I was languishing in an educational conclave covering mental illness. It was successful, because I got a bad case of "I Ain't Skiing Depression."

Your good fortune has helped me recover. . . . a bit. That, and getting to ski a similar day last Tuesday at the local ski area, minus the blue sky.
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its hard to believe that was 3 days ago.

to bad we didnt meet up but it will happen someday.
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