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Boot Fit Question

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I was just fitted for ski boots and they are killing my feet. I ended up with the Tecnica Vento 6 with the instaprint custom footbed. The issue seems to be that the height is too low to fit my foot. So i pulled out the liner to see if there was a heel lift etc and noticed a loose hard plastic footbed shaped piece on the bottom. Should that been removed when you have the instaprint footbed.

I thought I remember reading a thread here regarding removing something other than stock liner from the boot with custom footbeds.

Any info would be appreciated!
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Originally Posted by richardmb View Post
loose hard plastic footbed shaped piece on the bottom.

between the liner and the shell? that is the boot board, and can be thinned if need for more instep room

Originally Posted by richardmb View Post
I thought I remember reading a thread here regarding removing something other than stock liner from the boot with custom footbeds.

you remove the stock/flat footbed and put a custom inplace of that one, not on top of that one. That is removed, right?

if all that is right, and you still need more instep room (and you have one thin sock on, and you have the toe buckles loose/off, and you are not walking around in the boots) then you can thin out the footbed to make some more instep room, or grind some of the top of the liner tounge, or thin the boot board/
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thanks for the response. I will be back at the shop today. I have a few other questions before i go to the bootfitter.

Can the boot board be completely removed or ground down flat ( ie no ramp/heel angle? I am asking this because after some adusting (cuff alignment which i do not think the shop even did because both were set up differently, and removing the foot board and rear spoiler I felt much more in balance and comfortable ( almost like i could run in the boots. ) With the boot board in and the rear spoiler on it seems like i am falling over the front of the boots which is causing me to bring my behind back to balance myself which i think is putting me in the backseat and burning up my quads.
I am very inexperienced in determining all of this heel angle fore/aft balance etc., etc., any info would be great so when i go to the bootfitter i can talk somewhat intelligently.

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What do you mean by "too low to fit"? Do you wear very thin socks and still have a problem buckling the buckle over the instep to the first notch? IIRC the Ventos have extra room in the toe box...I didn't go with them for that reason.

Also, when you had the boots fit, did the bootfitter do any alignment checks? Was your fore/aft alignment OK?

I went through my first bootfitting experience this season, and I remember feeling like my knees were too far in front. The problem was actually that my old loose boots had me in the wrong position and I had to get used to what's right. It still feels funny to walk in the boots but my position over my skis is where it needs to be.

How do you like the Instaprint footbed? I'm still getting used to the arch support...my arches aren't as flexible as they can be so the first few runs can be a bit uncomfortable.
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I do not have trouble with buckling the boot but I actually do not even need to buckle the bottom 2 if i did not want to the fit is so tight to the top of my foot even with thin or no socks.

I do not think any alignment checks were done.

The only difference i can tell between the instaprint footbed and the stock is that it seems much more firm and somewhat uncomfortable, but this is probably due to me not being use to the support.

Thanks for the response.
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remove the rear spoiler and ski it that way if that is better

leave the bootboard inplace
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Thanks for all the replies, I just got back from skiing and i think my only real problem with the pain was that the boots were way to loose, the bootfitter showed me the right tightness and everything felt much better.

I did leave the foot board and removed the rear spoiler and had the cuff alignment properly set.

Thanks Again !
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