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I have a question regarding my brand new Oakley Wisdom Goggles (Fire Iridium lens) that I received from the Oakley website today. The seal between the dual-lens on the left side of the nose curvature is not flush with the frame plastic, which creates a 2-3 mm gap. When you look downward, your left eye can see through this gap between the seal and plastic, making the seal appear as if its obstructing the field of vision. Moreover, now that I know the gap is there, my left eye peripheral vision seems to catch it even when looking straight ahead. The right side seal is flush with the frame plastic, which is what I expect in a $140 goggle. I returned the 1st pair for this exact problem, and Oakley sent me a new pair, which has the same exact problem. This leads me to believe that it is a manufacturing problem, in which the seal is not correctly seated between the two lens in order to fit flush with the Oakley Wisdom plastic frame (or possibly it is the Fire Iridium lens, in particular --- just one manufacturing batch or the entire line all season?) If anyone has a pair of Oakley Wisdom goggles, please let me know if you have this gap on the left side of the nose curvature. I am hoping for some feedback on this issue before exchanging (free of charge) this pair of Oakley goggles in attempt #3 (I LOVE everything else about this ski goggle!!!) It seems like $140 is a lot for there to be a substantial flaw in the lens design to be improperly fitting flush with the goggle frame.

Looking forward to your help EpicSki (my first post)!!!