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Curry Powder

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I Just got this link from Mark Gardiner of SLC, please enjoy a little Curry Powder: http://video.vividas.com/media/4892_Gulmarg/web/

You will not be disappointed.


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(the above should be in all caps, I was, in fact, yelling)
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Some great skiing and very nicely rendered streaming video!
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Gondola served skiing in the Himalayas with a 4300 ft vertical. The vid (the link is above in the first post) is tasty.

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Thanks for that. Wow! I just put that on the to do list.
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Nothing like some good ski porn.
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Now I know what makes a girl quiver!
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Now I know what makes a girl quiver!
Was it the great skiing or the WC Bloke on the chairlift : ?

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I want a piece of that action!
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Gulmarg is not a resort, so if you are into creature comforts don't bother. Also, the infrastructure can be dodgy e.g. the main gondola broke down and was out for eleven days in January. But if you don't mind roughing it, have a cast iron stomach, like adventure and want something different.... well.

And I'm booking to go next year. Two birds with one stone - I've always wanted to see the Himalyas and of course another chance to go skiing.
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BTW, Steven Lee (in the film clip) is quite an accomplished skier. He skied in the World Cup for many years during the 1980's with two Super G podium resuls and nine top ten finishes (DH & SG).
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