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Need Advice on buying gear

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i am a fairly new rider. 5'2", 125 lbs, female.

i have been out looking at boards, boots and bindings and getting a lot of different opinions from salespeople and am now more confused than when i started this whole process.

i have been told that the k2 luna, the rossingnol zena and the k2 vandal (jr. board) are good fits. i want a fairly soft board as i am an advanced beginner. i just need to be good enough to keep up with my younger two. my oldest exceeded my skills years ago!

my oldest tells me to get flow bindings but the salesperson said no, i should get the k2 cinch bindings. (they also don't sell the flows, maybe one reason he wouldn't recommend them?).

anybody have any suggestions or advice?

many thanks.
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Geeze where are you going? Sierra Snowboards???

The K2 cinch is a good binding. Flows are excellent if you buy from the Amp 11 and up. I ride the NXT AT's and they rule it.

Check out Elsnowboardo's review at snowboard.com here: http://snowboard.colonies.com/forums/topic/23382/

He really knows snowboard gear better than any person (possibly on the planet) I know. This is coming from me, a super gear whore. Good advice on there maybe you'll find what you are looking for board wise.
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Ride bindings are great.

K2 Podium is a soft board that'll keep
ya happy when you can ride better.
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