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Time to drag out the boat

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"Tis the season for water sports". Been looking at the water skis and fishing rods and waking up the boat from it's hibernation , time to lay down and kick up some big rooster tails. Later people.
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Go boating and not join in the endless debates on PMTS ! Actually have a question for you. In your opinion what would be the best location for a cottage or other type of rec. property for both sking and summer boating /hiking/biking. Have surfed on Fernie/, Golden , Columbia Lake (to o far from sking) and Panorama.
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Doug - Don't rule out Columbia Lake. You're dead centre between Panorama and Kimberley (an hour each), and minutes from Fairmont. Before you laugh your head off, if you have a young family, and want the kids to be able to ski freely by themselves, you will NOT find a better spot in the area than Fairmont. In 20 years, I have NEVER been in "the" line there more than 5 minutes. Probably a solid 90% of the time, less than 30 seconds, or 2 chairs.

If you're into boating, take a look at the lake surface any summer weekend. You won't see anything near the concentration and congestion of ski boats you see on Lake Windermere. The east side of Columbia is mostly BC crown land, so you know it won't explode in a few years.

All that said though, ski in/out at Panorama would really rock!<FONT size="1">

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Actually the reason that this issue in my mind is last weekend went to Cranbrook for a wedding and went via Radium. Had never thought of Columbia before that. Looks nice. Windermere is kinda overbuilt and trashy to me. Panorama in one of the older condos is pretty cheap too and the area looks good for hiking in the summer. And if Jumbo ever gets built , well supper bonus!
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