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what to do for tendonitis?

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Went to Otho Wednesday and got MRI Thursday nite for a constant dull ache/discomfort on left side of left knee.Wednesday's Xray showed my older tendinitis on IT-Band and MRI showed a good knee "no acl or mcl damage " but tendinitis in another location on knee.Any Ideas on what to do to alleviate the pain?
I stretch calves,hamys,quads,it Band ,and back every morning also try to make it to gym 1-2 times a week to at least run lower body machines if not complete circuit.
Pain started when i started to ski bumps after first major east coast dump about 3 weeks ago.
Gym and stretching eliminated all IT-band pain.
Stretching hamstrings with ski tails in snow help a little on mt.
Ski 6 days a week 4 to 5 hrs a day.

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Rest ,ice,ibuprofen.
Did the Doc suggest cortisone?
I've had some bouts with tendonitis in my elbows & shoulders a few times.Nasty stuff
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Cortisone Shot

Best way to get rid of it quickly. It could return but I think most doctors will give you up to 3 cortisone shots for the same "area" of tendonits....I had it bad in my elbow from baseball for over 8 years - got the shot 2 years ago and haven't had pain since. Otherwise PT with and ice/ibuprofen combo works well.
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Rest would mean stop skiing for a while"did that Tuesday and wed"..I have tried cortisone on shoulder and it was a hit or miss thing.Ice-Would on snow count ...
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