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First time out preperation?

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I havent went skiing in a couple years so Im curious to see if anyone had recommendations on fitness or stretching that would help prevent injury. Ive just been doing a basic stretch twice a day. I try to stretch for aabout 2 minutes per muscle. Ive been doing the spread eagle stretches sitting on the floor trying to loosen my hamstrings and calf muscles. And there's the bend down and touch the toes without bending your knees. Thats the kind of stuff I do but Im not sure if it helps other than increasing flexibility. I dont have very strong ankles and I think thats a weakness I could work on down the road. I did a fair amount of jogging last summer but Ive lost about 12 pounds since then due to not working out or doing any resistance training. But anyway if anyone has some good stretches that may help me prepare I'd appreciate the help, Thanks!

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Yes. Don't stay up all night drinking. Seriously, being well-rested is the best thing you can do to prevent injury.

I know you are already back, but others may benefit from your thread.
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The stretching I did didnt seem to help because Im still sore everywhere. But that was expected! I drank a lot of fluids to stay hydrated so that part was fine.

As for the booz, I dont drink personally but doesnt achohol dehydrate you? Someone told me that. And I know if you drink a lot you get really thirsty the next day and all the water in the world doesnt help.
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