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Contact 11 for Large Guy ?

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Have any large guys skied the current Contact 11 in a 172. I am 235lbs - 6'3" and am wondering if they would be too short ?

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You might PM SierraJim. The Contact 11 is his personal ski, he has probably been on a few sizes.

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Depending upon your ability level, agressiveness, skiing style, and expectations............

If you understand edge angles, run from edge to edge, and like a short radius turn, then the 172 would be OK (it's a very solid ski) However, if you ski a little flatter ski (more skidding) or are expecting GS type performance, I'd say the 172 might be a little short and the 178 a better call.

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Thanks SierraJim

Went with the 178cm, will let you know how it feels for a guy my size to try and tighten up the radius. Since I am a new convert to modern technique it sounds like it might be better

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I am 6'1 200lbs and was looking at the contact 11 as my hard snow ski. Since I have an AC4 in a 177, I was thinking the 172 might be ideal for my bump/ no fresh snow ski. How is the bump performance on these guys? I'm not really looking for a dedicated bump ski, more of just a ski for eastern conditions when it hasn't snowed recently.
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I'm 220 plus and I consider the Contact 11 to be a great bump ski. The tail is not overly stiff and is shaped for bumps and soft snow. I would select the 172cm for eastern skiing.



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NYSki, I'm 6',180lb and also have the AC4s 177 and love them. Got to try the Contact11 172 last week and they were a total hoot. Quick as lightning on the groomers, sweet and light in the bumps. Too much fun - ordered a pair the next day for my soon to be two-ski quiver. Very different than the Volkls, which I hopped back on at the end of the day and felt like I just boarded a bullet train when I pointed them down - SWEET
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So the 172 felt stable enough for you? I have 15-20 lbs on you, and I was thinking I would want the 172 if it could handle my size, since I figured the 178 would be pretty similar turn shape wise to my 177 AC4.
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NYSkier, being a bit old school, I've been slow to embrace the short ski revolution. I had the chance earlier this season to demo the same 172s (only size available), but bypassed thinking they were too short. After further education, much of it from this site, I decided they might be worth trying after all. They definitely didn't have the rock solid stability of the 177 AC4s, but given their lively performance, I didn't even tend to push them in the speed limit department. I was too busy making effortless turns!

All I can say is for my weight, stability at speed never felt like an issue.
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I'm 5'11", 200 lbs and found the 172 too short. I'd go up one size.
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Does anybody know the sidecut radius on these in a 178?
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