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opening sunglasses

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Hi all;
I was skiing yesterday and I saw someone wearing a helmet with sunglasses that seemed to be attached, (?). They opened in the middle, (bridge), and hinged outward. Does anybody know what these are? I was not in a position that I could ask the person.
Whenever I wear glasses with my helmet, the helmet pushes the frames around and cause irritation.
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Maybe these are what you saw?

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Originally Posted by ParentOfRacer View Post
Maybe these are what you saw?

Not quite....they had foam around the lenses and looked that they had double bows. They did look to have some sort of magnetic closure though. I was wondering if they attached to the helmet or just went over the ears. Like I said, with my glasses, the helmet pushes on them, making the bridge of my nose sore.
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I think I know what you are talking about. My friend has a pair that, IIRC, have a wrap around band kind of like goggles, but narrower. The lenses are somewhat oval shaped, and have a magnetic catch on the nose. Completly independant of the helmet, they seemed to work pretty good for her. She's on her way to the carribian for spring break (:-warm weather), but I'll ask what they are called when I talk to her next.
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Doesn't K2 have a helmet with built in sunglasses that open up?
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Watch out for those glasses with magnets! The elector magnetic field can play havoc with your brain. At least that's the excuse I'm using for some of my post here.
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