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Nordica GranSport s14.2 Ski info, any Nordica rep out there?

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Anyone familiar with how the Nordica GranSport line compares with some of the rest of there skis as far as level of appropriate skier?

They make it in four levels and the literature says the S14 is expert. One Nordica rep told me the whole GranSport line is intermediate and the S14 is just at the high end of intermediate. For me, he recommended HotRod series. I ended up the Modified which I really like.

My wife demoed the GranSport S14 in 170cm and really liked it.She's 6' and height/weight proportional so she should be on more ski than most woman although she's not an expert, she's advanced intermediate. She liked it a lot but what I wonder is exactly what level would be good for her. The ski sounds like a lot of ski according to the literature; they use the "expert" word. Since it may not be possible to demo all the levels, it would be nice to get some idea if the S12 or S10 would be more appropriate. I know there is a trend for intermediates to like the stability of a ski that's actually a bit too much for them as they're not really fully engaging the edges yet.

When I get a chance, I'm going to set up my Modifieds for her boots so she can try them. Anyone know how the Modifieds would compare to the GranSport S14 in level? Another possiblity would be the HotRod Eliminator whic is the Mod without the metal.

By the way, I demoed the SpeedMachine Mach 3 last night. Quicker edge to edge than the Modified. Much faster. Too much work though. I found it more demanding in not fun in the bumps (admittedly the bumps were freshly reseeded last night and consisted of golf ball to baby head size lumps of chopped up hard-pack, i.e, they sucked). At 178# 6' 47yo level 8, it more ski than I'd want on a day to day basis.
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No one here is familiar with this ski???
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The Grandsport series took the place of the SUV series. I use to have the SUV 14 which was an expert ski. I have not skied the Gransport 14.

I got my 12 year old, 100 lb. son the Grandsport 8. He has improved alot with them this season.

I have the Top Fuels and the Mach 3 Power, I love both of them.
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Have patience.............

If you are talking about the '06-'07 they are great. Better than the '05-'06 Volkl 5* for example. If you are talkling about the '08....different skis, different story.

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hpd, I thought the SUV only came up to 12. and the GranSport added the 14.

SJ, are you talke about the GranSport in the 06-07? Don't know anything about the '08 skis. Are you saying the GS will be different next year?

I think the specs on the GranSport are about right for the way she skis. I just worry that the 14 may be a tad more than she needs but I haven't skied it so I don't know how it skis. I figure when she learns to get a bit more edge, she actually won't need or want enough ski. I guess I'm thinking she needs a ski that won't be unhappy skied kinda flat but will she'll also be able to handle when she learns to put more edge into her turns.
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The '05-'06 SUV and the '06-'07 G/S are the same builds although they have been rebadged a few times. These are all really superb skis. As mentioned I would compare the '05-'06 SUV 12 (I think the same as '07 GS-12) very favorably to the Volkl 5*

The '08's that I skied were very different skis from the current and prior batches. These looked like a Blizzard build and although that's not necessarily bad, they are not the notably superior products that they have been.

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 Looks like u got lots of hits, so your question may have been answered.  I own the 07-08 version of the gransport 14.  I have skied on them close to 90 days, so I can tell you anything and everything that I have experienced.  I demo'd them at NST in the Sierras along with a half dozen similar skis over a 3 day period before choosing them.  Other ski that is quite similar to this one is the K2 Stryker.  In all my days of skiing (about 170 over the past 2 seasons), I have yet to encounter anyone else with the '14s, and only one person with the strykers.  
1.  Nordica says it is an "all around" ski, meaning it was designed to ski anything and everything.  The 14 is supposedly an expert ski and the 12 is supposedly an intermediate ski.  I consider myself a fairly advanced-expert skier.  But I am not a name dropper.  I have skied just about everything thrown at me (the front four at Stowe-Mt Mansfield bumps and powder) and it does the job.  But it excels in the bumps (moguls).  One of the strong points is the wood core and soft tip.  It also excels on even  the firmest hardpack.  I luv it for carving up the corduroy.  I'm thinking of using it in masters slalom races this coming season, 'cause it it very lively and quick thanks to the wood core.  
The replies that label this as intermediate don't know what they are talking about, probably never skied on them or seen them.  You surely cannot find them (the 14's) in rental shops, and you will be hard pressed to find them anywhere because they may be discontinued.  I'm looking for a second pair, but they are no longer posted on the Nordica website.  What makes them suitable for advanced and beyond skiers are their liveliness, quickness, and ability to carve (if you don't know how to carve, and if you are timid, you can still ski them because, in my opinion, they are very forgiving).  They also do well in all but the heaviest of pow, if you understand the rules of skiing pow (speed).  I  luv them. 
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