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Utah: Snow Snow Snow

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It's dumping again. Kept up all night. There are large drifts all over. The plows are out and trying to keep up, but if you're near them, they throw off so much light powder it's blinding. We've been skiing powder everyday since last Friday, some days epic, some day merely great. I hear Monday and Tuesday were off the charts at the Canyons. Wednesday was a 10+ here with Jupiter closed the day before on wind hold, we were breaking trail on the traverses. You'd cut the traverse out another twenty feet, drop into a foot and a half of untouched snow, and the next person along would cut it out a bit more, leapfrogging across the mountainside. I thought of writing a log of the week, but it's hard to know where to start. Highlights of the week so far were skiing with Picabo on Sunday for a couple hours (weapon of choice? Mantras!)- I was with about a dozon randomly picked season pass holders that went up an hour and a half before the lifts opened with Picabo as our hostess. That was nice. We just had to answer a few marketing questions. Better food!

On Monday a telechick friend took a slide for life down a chute that the wind had scoured most of the fresh snow out of. It was late in the day, we'd hiked Jupiter peak, chatted with a patroller and a couple locals on top for a while, enjoyed the view, and then dropped into Machete chute. The snow looked much softer than it was, being very wind compressed and eneven. It was a bit technical. I went down first and found a little rock band 3/4 ths of the way down that usually gets covered.
So I pulled over to the wall below it and across under a little outcropping to warn my friends. The patroller came down first, of course he knew it was there. Next one of the locals, a big guy with big Fourfront skis. He just danced down the chute and I could see the bottoms of his skis in the air on every turn. I pointed out the band and he deftly turned around it. Next came Jenni, my telechick friend, all 110 lbs of her or so. She's done this terrain for years. Six perfect tight tele turns and then she stopped 15 feet above the rock band. I'm about to point it out when she just does this slow motion fall out into space, gathers speed and goes head first over the rock band. It's only about four feet of exposed rock, but rocks are rocks. Then she just goes faster and faster down the chute. She starts trying to self arrest, but with tele skis on, that's hard. I see this giant ball of snow with arms and poles and skies go by, blue helmet out front. Jenni sees her life pass before her eyes... She hit the deep powder below the chute and came to a stop, about 120 ft. She'd been worried about trees, although there are none below that chute, I was worried about the rocks. I skiied down to her, rudely dropping a little slough on her with every turn. She didn't care. She was shook up, but fine- totally unharmed. Wear those helmets kids!
The wife just called from her commute. She works part time in SLC. Interstate 80 is down to one lane in places, people are ditched all over, jacknifed trucks all over. visibility is lousy and there will probably be canyon closings, maybe even the interstate, like on Tuesday. I was going to try to make it around to Alta, but may stick close to home. The snow shows no sign of stopping. That's the morning report from Park City.
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sounds awesome, glad Utah is finally getting the snow they are used. The forecast looks sunny all next week, I head out the 10th, so I'm hoping for some more pow.
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Sounds like fun. Glad to hear your friend came out OK. I'll bet you'll get your 500" by end of season, just back loaded.
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I'm so jealous! I wish I was there NOW! Too bad we couldn't fit in another trip but with my luck I would plan to come and there would be nothing for weeks. :

When do conditions start to turn to Spring type skiing in DV and Alta? I guess that is a silly question this year since it has been whacky in terms of weather.
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Keep the snow coming, I'll be there on the 14th! Twice in one year is the charm I hope, the snow was thin during my earlier visit back in December.

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Sounds great!

am working on something for the weekend-Tuesday - probably be in LCC though Got the OK from work finally and should be able to swing a quick last minute deal ....
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Another epic day. I stayed at PCMR and we were getting face shots on groomers- in a nasty wind and driving snow. Then about 10;30 the clouds parted and it became the most beautiful bluebird day you can imagine. Had to cut traverses again. Don't they do that for you at Deer Valley? There was a wonderful pow fest all aver Utah, I'm sure. Think about that pic that Lonnie posted a couple days ago. Park City got four feet this week, Alta 15 inches just last night. Things are back to normal.
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however i am noticing a disturbing trend - ridging in a few days with temp in the 40s. uggh!
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And this time Snowbasin got the lake effect! 20" new on the slopes; only 3 or 4 in my driveway! And a bluebird day.

Unfortunately, none of the out of bounds was open; the patrol said it would be open Sat (safety, or saving something for the weekend skiers?)
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Originally Posted by Alliegator View Post

When do conditions start to turn to Spring type skiing in DV and Alta? I guess that is a silly question this year since it has been whacky in terms of weather.
Spring might arrive this coming Tuesday at DV.
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mineral basin was closed all day yesterday so snowbird should be nice today with mineral basin opening up and gad 2 also after being closed most of the week...
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there's a lot of snow here. Apparently the road was closed for a time yesterday or the day before due to some avvie snow across the road.
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Hey , get a load of this: Yesterday Sundance reported most new snow of all the resorts at 19"-.
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I beg your Pardon: Check Snowbasin (20") Look at the pics in "The Day After" post in this section.
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This is my kind of argument! Everyone here is still grinning.
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