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skiing is fun

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Sup everybody, I don't much like competitions but skiing is probably my favourite thing to do in the whole world, as it is a lot of yours. Anyways, I've just opened this website devoted to new school skiing, and mostly the fun aspects of it, it's not about how much vertical feet you get anymore, its what you do with those feet that we wanna hear about, anyways, i think were at least worth a look.

And we are also in full support of epic ski cause this place is just awesome.

link: Ski 4 Fun

thanks guys. Don't care about my stupid website, well talk about how fun you think skiing is then, cause website or not thats what skiing is all about.
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Hey, neat, kinch! The layout of the website looks somewhat familiar. Glad you're here! By the way, what does "sup" mean, other than taking supper [as in "dine" means taking dinner]?
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Oboe, I think it may be an attenuation of "What is up?", which then becomes "What's up?", then, it gets bastardized to "sup"

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