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Help me pick my demo list

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For those who don't want the details: I am a big (6'1" 250lbs) advanced skier trying to get a short-list to demo ski in Tahoe.

Now for the details. While enjoying the storm dump at sugarbowl on wednesday I blew my skis. I ripped off a 6" long section of edge, sidewall, and sustained some serious base damage. The great part is that the powder was so great and deep I didn't even notice how badly the ski was damaged till I was taking them out of my truck after the drive home. I am a one-ski quiver guy, out of fiscal necessity not really choice so I am looking for a good all-mountain ski that can handle a little of everything: trees, steeps, powder(whenever I can get it), bumps, groomers, jumps, etc...(listed in order of what I ski most). Hopefully I can add some skis dedicated to certain conditions in the future but I just don't have the cash right now. My old setup was a pair of 198 Salomon X-Scream 9s that are probably 8 years old with approximate measurements of 105-70-95. I am definitely looking forward to something that is a more manueverable than my x-screams as my choice of terrain has drasticaly changed since migrating out west from the east/mid-west. I am a strong advanced skier and by strong I mean both that I ski and enjoy double-black terrain but also that I tend to do it with more muscle than finesse when the conditions aren't optimal (Always learning).

If anybody can point me to a demo-day in the Tahoe area that would be great, but I haven't been able to track any down on the net. So I need to pare down my list to around 3 canidates. Any suggestions on a good shop in either Sacramento or South Shore that will apply my demos towards my purchase is also appreciated.

So far here are my potentials based on some net searching for skis that are recieving good reviews from larger skiers. I am unsure how wide I want to go as I have been skiing the X-Screams so long I really don't know what to expect going to a shorter/wider ski. Please let me know which ones I should focus on or if I am missing that perfect gem from my list.

Atomic Metron B5 (131 - 76 - 115)
Atomic Snoop Daddy (127 - 88 - 113)
Head iM88 (126/88/112)
K2 Apache Recon (115-78-105)
Nordica Supercharger Enforcer (135-98-125)
Salomon X-Wing Tornado (124-75-107)
Stockli Stormrider DP (125-94-111)
Stockli Rotor (124-76-109)
Volkl Karma (119-87-111)
Volkl Mantra (130-94-113)

Thanks, This site looks like it will be a great resource.
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Sierra Snowsports in Sacramento. SierraJim on the forum here helps out a ton of people. That would be my first stop.
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bump just so people who are not up at 4am get a chance to take a look
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Come in to the shop and I can walk you through the world of skis as we know it. Your list is way too extensive and a bit all over the map. I may not have the correct demo but I can show you the lay of the land.

5400 Date ave. Just off Madison and I-80.

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Jim has been a great resource since I started bopping around these boards, so you should def give him a holler.

as for demoing.

only place i know that demos Stocklis is Elite Feet @ Northstar (they were a bit uppity and snooty when I went in there last season so I passed on demoing from them), Elite Feet @ Squaw Creek (much cooler personel...they also carried the Heads, as well), and Elite Feet @ Squaw Village.

For the Karma and Mantra, I believe Northstar has 'em and if they haven't changed their demo deal it used to be about $40 for the day and you could swap out as many skis as you wanted from them all day.

Tahoe Dave's in Truckee may also have the Karma and Mantra.

Granite Chief carries Volkl, Rossi, K2, and Line. You gotta holler at them to find out what they have as this year they were sparse on some of the hotter skis (they never had the Scratch BC, for example).

Also Porter's has a good selection, though I have found that the Tahoe City store offers more choices on the demo stock.
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