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Breckenridge kids programs ?

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I’m planning a family trip in February to Breckenridge. We are wanting to put our 6-year-old girl in ski school. We don’t know which program to use. It looks like Kinderhut caters to kids 6 and under. Are these mostly kids that have never skied before? This will be our daughter’s 3rd season and she seems to have taken to it very well. She'll have several more days on the slopes before our trip to Breck. She can stop, turn (when she wants to) and pick herself up when she falls. She rides the lifts with us however as a 5 year old she needed our help to load and unload. She’s never skied where she had access to detachable quad lifts that slow down for loading or unloading. I’m confident she’ll be able to ski all the green trails on Peak 9. Will they take her as a seven year old with her experience? We don’t want her to get bored. Also if we want her to ski with us in the afternoon will they allow her to leave the lesson early and will her pass be valid outside of ski school? Should we buy her a pass for the days we plan to ski and get the “Lesson Only” option for ski school? The “Lift & Lesson” option looks like the best value as long as the lift ticket is valid outside of ski school. Anyone have any helpful ideas?
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I took my kids to Breck for a week last year. I found their skiing/boarding school to be excellent. My kids loved the instructors and learned a great deal. No doubt, the way to go is the lift ticket/lunch/full day lesson option. They took the kids at 9:30 and we didn't pick them until 3:30. We were there for six days and got them two days of lessons. We didn't need lift tickets for those two days, so we got them a four day pass for the additional days. Make sure your child has a helmet, as they require it for the school. Overall, I highly recommend the ski/board school, and Breck as a resort for families.
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Thank for the reply ldrjax. I have a few months to decide on what to do about ski school plus we'll get out a several times in North Carolina before then to see how well she does with another year of growth. Did you reserve a space for your kids ahead of time? The web site recommends reserving a spot. Also do you know what age Breckenridge charges for kids lift tickets? Kids ski free at Cataloochee NC until they turn seven. Some other resorts it’s six years old.
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I don't know what age they begin to require lift tickets at Breck, but my kids were 7,10 and 12 when I took them there. Two of them snowboard and the other skis. They took full day lessons the first three days, and so did not require a lift ticket on these days. For the last three days I got them a three day pass. I made the reservations for the lessons and lift tickets (and my wife's and my lift ticket) in advance on the internet through the Peaks Progam. I also did their rentals through this same site (I believe I did a lift ticket/lesson/rental combo for the first three days for the kids). If you do this all in advance the savings is signifigant. It's all available via links from the Breckenridge website. Everything was waiting for us when we got there, and we saved a lot of money. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, might be easier to send me a private message.
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I just wanted to check up to see if anyone else has any thoughts to offer. We’ll be skiing at Breckenridge February 8th thru 11th. If we choose all day lessons/lift/rentals for my daughter, will they allow us to pick her up early in the afternoon to ski with her mom and dad for an hour or so? If not, we might not do lessons all 4 days but my wife and I would like a little time each day to our selves to ski some of the stuff off chair 6 and/or the T-bar.

As far as costs go, for kids half day lessons cost almost as much as full day but without the lunch. The last time I checked the web site, they didn’t list half day lessons as an option anymore. (Maybe I just overlooked it.)
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We were @ Breckenridge 1/4/04 Snow was nice, but man it was cold! Kids lift tickets 5-12 $33.00 @ the window adult $65 . If you go to the web site before you go you could save a bit by advance purchase of you lift tickets. 4 days advance adult $228 vs $65x4 at the window. Best price I have seen for the 1/04/04 to 2/13/04 adult price with coupon is $43.00 & kids $25.00. I dont think they offer the 1/2 class anymore,but don't see why they would not let you take your child out early to get a few family runs in.
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