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Doberman 2008 Info

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I found this on the web and google translated the italian to english. Has anyone seen the new Dobermans or have any additional info??

They are more and more beautiful, within and outside.
The diagram of the new skis Dobermann® di Nordica is still beautifulr and aggressive and expresses the sport character of these skis.

They are newest Dobemann® GS For and Dobermann® SL For, absolute innovation is one the Dobermann® Spitfire.
New the versions Racing “R” of the GS and the SL that evolvono in the structures in order to at best take advantage of new geometries answering to norms FIS for the next season.

Our innovation is here that these skis are already available, from we, in measures 165, for the SL For, 162 and 170 for Spitfire and 176, 181 for the new GS For.

These skis are equip you of the new generation of the X-Balance system, a system integrated for a better equilibrium, greater power and better estate. Also the new type of construction of the ski, called Full Twin V Active, is planned around to the X-Balance concept in order at best taking advantage of the characteristics of this system.
The new SL For and GS For are ideal for the sport skier: from the agonist of talent to the instructor of high level.

New philosophy for the Dobermann® Spitfire: the new Frontracer is one planned ski in order to adapt to all the track conditions. Perfectly polyvalent it develops the new philosophy in terms of sciancratura and beam. All the lengths are planned with beams comprised between 12 and 15,5 meters, in such way to render possible for all to face curves locked or long with the same facility.

We have to you made curious? Waited for to see the new versions of scarponi the Dobermann®….

We are opened from the monday to the friday from 16:00 to 21:00 and the saturday from 15:30 to 19:30.

Others news:
Nordic collection 2006/2007

Sincerely yours they give
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I love electronic translations. The next time I shop for skis, I will make sure that I ask for a ski that is more and more beautiful ,yet still aggressive, inside and outside...

I wonder if they'll have FIS and non-FIS 'R' lines?
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