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Comparison: 5 Star to New Racetiger RC & SL

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Ok, I'm just about to buy my first shaped skis. I ski New England (when there's snow), like steep stuff and bumps. While I'm considering the Fischer RX8 and Atomic SX, I noticed the new Volkl Racetigers. How do the Racetiger RC & SL compare to last year's 5 Star? I skied my buddies 05/06 set of 5 Stars and loved them. Unfortunatley he loves them, too. I'm 6' and 195#, am a 7-8 skier currently using a pair of 193 Salomon Equipe AXE.
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Anybody ski the Racetiger yet?
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The 5 *'s are terrific skis ,I have both the 06/07 allstars and the new 06/07 racetiger sl w/14.0ipt binding in a 165cm. The racetiger will out carve either the 5* or the allstar with ease, better edge hold as well and will put a smile on your face . I ski mostly at Hunter Mtn. and depending on conditions I usually will ski my racetigers and use the allstars for funkier conditions or for a change ,I would say it a 4 to 1 ski use . Try them you should really like them for sking in the east when ther some good hard snow.
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That's what I thought! Volkl says the Racetiger RC is the replacement for the 5 *. I was worried the SL would be too stiff. How is the SL on the bumps at Hunter?
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I haven't skied the RC and I am not sure where you get the info that it a replacement for the 5* they were both being sold at the same time ,(that would be the 5* titanium). I also don't really notice if the ski is especially stiff ,to me it has just the right amount of forgiveness ,but I am a little heavier at about 210+/-lbs. In regard to the bumps ,it depends on the size and the conditions.I don't hit the bump head on but try to carve the top side
to scrub some speed and drop in nicely for the next one ,with the skis you were mentioning they might be a little more manageable in the bumps but not by much . I don't know which atomic sx you were thinking of but that series from atomic and the RX-8 are very excellent skis and are going to be a lot
better than your sollies. You should be happy with any of these ,ll good for the east.The racetigers are not meant for bumps,if that what concern's you most go for the more all mountain ski which is going to give you versitility but
you should definetly give some race skis (not the race stock) a try if you mostly are sking in the east. good luck!
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So, at 195 I could go closer to 170?
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I'm 5'10, 155# on 5* 168's and love them!!!! They were my first ski purchase after years of renting so I took a long time to make the decision and don't regret anything.

At 195 and skiing your level I'd bump up the length to at least 175 but it purely my opinion.

Volkl rocks!
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If your sking in the east go short on a 5*168cm faster edge to edge the 175cm may be more stable but at the middle 68cm dimension I would think you would be better off, In a fatter ski you might want a longer lenght especially if you were going to be sking out west. where you can really let the skis run. I f your looking at the racetiger sl go with the 165cm .
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