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Fischer RX 8's - What length?

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I'm thinking about buying some Fischer RX 8's and I'm not sure what length to get. I am presently skiing on Solomon X-Screams 163's. The Fischers come in 160 or 165's. I am 5ft 2in tall and 125 lbs.
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what about me?
5'11", 175-180 lbs
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Former 160

Later 170

Of course, it really depends on what type of skiers you are.
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RX8 in 170cm can handle speed.
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SkiMangoJazz recommended a 165 for me. I'm 5'9.5" and 140 pounds or so. He and HRStat have each skied multiple lengths of the rx-8 and will hopefully chime in as well.

I've been on the rx8's for one day and so far I like them very much.

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Originally Posted by Babak View Post
what about me?
5'11", 175-180 lbs
165 for carving.
170 for more of a GS high-speed ski.
I'm 5'8 165-170 and I preferred the 165 RX-8.
But I'm fat compared to you, so what do I know?
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I'm 5' 6", 145lbs. & a level 8 skier. Just picked up the RX8's in a 160 and love them. My first pair of shaped skis and I was really worried that they would be too short. They aren't if you want to make fast, short radius turns. I love bumps as well and they are easy to move around in tight spaces. They carve very nicely. I can even get some great medium radius turns out of them with almost no effort. Lots of fun. I think you should definitely be on the 160's.
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How about me at 6' & 195#? I, too, love bump and ski New England.
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myriad comments herewith

Here ya go....see myriad thoughts and comments below. My theory as a result? Pick a ski you like, ski it one up and one down from what you would expect. Pick and smile

Remember RX 8 rewards solid new school technique is fastest and smoothest on edge, simultaneous tipping and modern technique...but unlike some more demanding carvers, can be ski'd old school as well and will help a solid old school skier learn modern technique. See free demo team videos in signature below for examples of modern technique the RX 8 will reward. It is a flat out great ski. Bomber and highly recommended for lvl 6/7 skier and up. Just the best out there IMO.


Personally, I prefer the 175, I am 6' down to 180 now. The diff tho between the 170 and 175 ( I own both) is slight. I found the 175 easier to ski. If purchasing new I would buy either, based on best price. My impressions are the 175 is easier and smoother to free ski but I would be faster in a nastar course on the 170...plan to test that theory probably next year......I would like to try a 180 to complete the test and do the same test with RX 9's....

I think our dawgcatching has great deals right now, and great deals can be found on ebay. Fischer is changing their line for 08 so time to buy couldn't be better.
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