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Proud of my skiing injuries...(?)

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Ok, I had skiers thumb and had surgeryto reattach the legament, and now will have surgery in April to fix torn mensicus in knee. In some strange way I feel I have earned some kind of badges of honor.......: Anyone else feel this way????
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If I can actually ski again I may have some good war stories for the lift rides up, but I'm not sure I would consider the injury a badge of honor. Do you really have to pay your dues with your body to achieve a higher order of respect? If so, then I'm well on my way to being king...
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I don't know. Right now I kind of want my left leg chopped off about 4 inches above my ankle...

I say temporary wounds i.e. bruises, welts and up to stictches can be badges of honour. Injuries that you will aware of for the rest of your life just plain suck. There hasn't been a day in the last 11 years that my left leg/ankle hasn't hurt but I'm not proud of the mountain biking accident that caused it. Same goes for the arthritis in my shoulder from sailing...

Scars from stitches on the other hand, I'm proud of for some reason. The ones in my left hand I did myself (under a doctor friends watchful eye) I'm esecially proud of.
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Hmm...I hate the fact that I hurt myself so seriously and that my vertebrae has been irreversably damaged, but I certainly feel more hardcore as a result of it; more so because I cant wait to get back on my skis in spite of how close I came to being a cripple.

Though, when the doctor told me I broke my back I nearly made the decision to never ski again, and was already planning my ebay gear sell off.
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Badges? I don't want no stinken badges!
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you guys can have your macho badges of honor....

while you're recovering I'll be skiing
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Its a odd kind a thing though aint it? I do agree that the key here is that my injuries are very minor and I will be finishing the season off first. Just no bumps or anything stressful on it. Just for the record, I would be very happy without the badges. Xj ,I don't want that kind of "badge" I wish you a full, speedy recovery!
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I have always thought of them as markers or mileposts on the journey that is skiing. If you put out full effort and ski difficult terrain in difficult conditions injuries are part of the equation. The real trick is to maximize the positive part of the equation while minimizing injuries. That balancing act becomes harder as I age.

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The only good damn thing that came outta breaking my wrist in 5 spots was that being a cheap SOB i got tired of conventional PT and took up playing Rock Guitar as my therapy . Played yrs ago and it gave me an NEW excuse to try to outdo " PHIL " except instead of just ski gear i also buy guitar stuff compulsively

Also skied for 5 hrs with the damn broken wrist braced up --Hell it was a bluebird day only a wimp woulda quit .
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