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Ok, following the ever popular thread....

Here's what we are now down to:

Ski use is for Steamboat trees and ungroomed areas; skis will not be used for Groomed.

6', 178# level 8

Gotamas 183
Seths 179
Mantras 183
Elan 888 (not sure of length but you get the idea)
Head 88's 175's
Dynastar Mythic Rider (not known)
HellCats (size not known)
Write in vote. Nothing wider than the goats please!

Go ahead and make Phil proud! Phil is prohibited from posting preferences on this thread since he can pick the perfect ski for any terrain! Right Ira?
Elan 888's in 186. They're shorter than the dimensions would indicate.
And for the record, Phil had no influence whatsoever in my posting this