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TR Beaver Creek 02-26 - 02-28 (pics)

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Mon. 02-26 – Day One About 6” fresh in town at Avon. A good 12” on the mountain with significant wind. I took a couple warm-ups down Centennial to loosen up after watching a group of BC instructors get some fresh lines on lower Centennial.

By late morning the winds were gusting to 25 or so and there were white-out conditions at Spruce Saddle ( mid-mountain).

It was simply too windy for Grouse Mountain or Larkspur Bowl. After lunch I skied the Rose Bowl lift and found some nice lines along the edges of Ripsaw.

Given it was Day One, my legs gave out by about 2 pm.

Tues 02-27 – Day Two About 4” fresh in Avon and about 6” on the mountain. Headed straight for Larkspur and caught the early fresh in the Larkspur area and some nice soft bumps on Lupine and Loco.

Having the wrong skis along and no real desire for long bump runs, I skipped most of Grouse Mountain this trip. There’s some real pucker factor off the Grouse Mountain and Birds of Prey lifts…

Wed 02-28 – Day Three Due to a need to be in the office Friday and the weather conditions in Eagle and Minneapolis on Thursday, Day Three got cancelled in order to get home on time

Some general thoughts: When you first get to Beaver Creek, you’re convinced that your plane took a wrong turn and you ended up in Australia. The Aussies run the place. Nicest people you ever want to meet. Beaver Creek Village itself is very nice.

To stay on the mountain takes the really big dough. I stayed in Avon and the shuttle service is very efficient. Good beer and food at the Dusty Boot and the Coyote. I'm from Minnesota, which the state department of tourism refers to as the State of Hockey, so here is the obligatory picture of the Beaver Creek zamboni

After spending all day yesterday in airports to get home here is the shot at my office today

Would I go back to Beaver Creek again ? You bet. Nice resort, they treat PSIA members well and until I can ski Peregrine off the Grouse Mountain lift I wouldn't cross beaver Creek off the list. Thanks to all the Bears who provided info during the trip planning phase.
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…darn...I’m not able to access the server holding the pictures. My bad or is this universal?
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no pictures for me either
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Sorry... I followed the instructions, posted them to a hosting site and then inserted the pics via their URL from the hosting site. I thought I knew what the *%#! I was doing...:
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Here's three of the good shots...
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That worked, greg!
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