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Are my skis ruined?

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Here's me: Brand new Outlaws, 4 feet of new snow in the last 5 days. What could be better!

First run I find a buried rock cuaseing a 2 inch delam in the sidewall right under my boot.

Here's me now: #%&%!!! %&*$!!! :

Took skis to my local repair shop and got much less then a warm fuzzy about the chances of permanent repair. Does anybody have any experiance with this type of damage on K2 skis? Any recomendations on a quality repair shop in the Seattle area?

Any input would be appreciated. It was hard enough to get the CFO to approve the puchase of these skis, I can imagine the grief I will get if they can't be fixed.
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The short answer is no, in my opinon. A picture would really help though.

The link below has a really good tutorial on how to fix sidewall and base repairs. I have done the base repair and it worked great, haven't done the sidewall as I luckily haven't needed to. My thoughts are that unless you know a really really good tech, you can do a better job if you take your time and use the right tools. The first edge replacement I did took two weeks but it was perfect. The only issue you might have is longevity but something is better than nothing. Look on the bright side both of these skis have been fixed.


If it really is a delam a warranty might be in order but this sounds like you hit something.
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Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry no photos as they are at the shop and I didn't think to take one before hand.

Yes I did hit something but not hard. It was just a little clip in deep snow. In fact at first I just thought I hit some ice as it had been fairly warm before these last storms. There is a small scrape about 1/2 inch on the edge and you can see where it is pushed up and in slightly at the scrape. The slidewall looks similsr to your second photo although not as much damage. You can just see where it is pulled away from the edge slightly.

I guess what puzzles me is how easily it delaminated. Is that inherant to the constuction of the ski? I have hammered skis in the past and have not experianced this before.
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Credit Card Coverage

If you paid for these with a CC, you may have coverage if they are less than 90 days old.

If you have a credit card with insurance coverage for purchased items, they usually call it "Purchase Security - Warranty Protection", it is likely covered. Even some of the basic cards have this coverage.

I bought a new $300 camera before X-mas. My daughter dropped it, and it is toast. Visa covered a replacement. They covered a $150 sport coat of my wife when it tore (beyond repair) the first time she wore it.

Check it out.
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Fantastic advise! Just got off the phone with AMEX and they are sending me claim forms today. They offer a 90 protection plan against theft and accidental damage. This may turn out alright after all.
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Ski-dad wow, I never knew that. Thanks for the info and that is way easier than trying to do a base repair.
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You can still try your hand at repair, without pressure. If it fail, you lost nothing but a bit of time. If the repair works? You then have a pair of ski for free!
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