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Kudos to Volkl Germany

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I just wanted to pass along a great experience I had with Volkl just today. I bought a pair of Volkl P40 (7 years old, but undrilled) and after skiing them a few days, the plastic tip protectors broke. The ski has a split tip design, so I was concerned about snapping the tips. I contacted Volkl in Canada and they basically said that I was SOL. I also contacted Volkl in Germany by e-mail. They found me replacement tips, and were very apologetic for the problem occurring. The tips are going in the mail today. Excellent service in a situation which did not really warrant it. That is how to take care of customers!
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That's GREAT! Isn't it nice to get good customer service once in awhile?! It renews your faith in mankind!
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Originally Posted by HudsonHacker View Post
I bought a pair of Volkl P40
Just a guess, you got them from Cupolos?

(Same ski that I ordered but didn't get).
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Yes, I got them last fall. Took forever to ship. Cupolo's now out of business, which is too bad because they had some crazy prices on skis that were 5-6 years old.
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do you ever wonder why they had skis that were 5-6 years old?
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Never really worried "Why" they had them, just that they had them. If they were still open, I would buy more of the older equipment from them. I am kicking myself for not buying a pair of the Dynastar Assault Superior mogul skis they had. Those are great boards and you simply cannot find them anymore, especially at the crazy price they had them for (I think it was $60). Were they buying up old warehouse stock or had the equipment been sitting around their store for years?
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