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Help for a beginner: boots & skis

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Hey! I'm a beginner skiier and after hearing so much that good boots are so much more important than skis, I went out trying on a bunch of pairs of boots. I'm a little leary to drop 300+ on boots that feel comfortable to me (and the ski fitter said are proper fit) if I haven't heard other opinions on the brands/actual boots.

Has anyone had any experience with any of these boots?:
Salomon Irony 6
Atomic Balanze 90

Also I'm not sure if I should buy a ski purely for beginners, or go with a "beginner/intermediate" ski because from what I've heard I'll grow out the beginner ones quickly. Any suggestions for a good ski for me would be awesome:
19 yrs old
Skiing mostly Pocono mts for now
beginner skiier looking to advance.

Thanks so much great forum here with lots of useful info
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1cm shell fit?
maybe a bit more

when you first put the boots on did they feel way too small and tight?

and get a bit looser over time?

should be fine

irony 6 is a very soft boot, should be OK for now, as you improve odds are you will want something a bit stiffer.
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Ski, where do you live? Maybe we can direct you to a good shop.
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The boots definitely felt snug but when I went into the flexed ski position they felt more comfortable.

I live in Southern New Jersey, and attend college in a suburb of Philadelphia so anywhere in that general area is good for me! Thanks!
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I'd check around at a few more shops and look into last years models... At the shop here, my girlfriend got a set of Dalbellos new for $100... They are soft, but have lots of features...

It seems like you could find some lower prices than $300+... Don't let the guy sell you on all these fancy features... A lot of people in your situation will buy boots that have walk/cruise/ski settings and all these other features and never use them...

You tried on some of the $300+ boots, see if they have some cheaper boots, try them on, see if you can get an equally good fit and comfort for a little less....

Anyone that owns a shop is a salesman.... They would rather sell you a more expensive boot because they will make more...

Then again, the shop I go to may be an 'exception to the rule' and they may not even have boots for cheaper than $300..

Now, about the skis...

Intermediate skis would be a better idea... You will outgrow the beginner skis very quickly... I recommend that in your situation, read some reviews and buy a set of used ex-rental skis on ebay... You'll save a lot of money. My first set of skis (Escape 5500) I got on ebay for less than $80. They have kept up with me nicely... Make sure they have good feedback, and you should be safe. Besides, a ski with a few scratches, nicks, etc.. you won't even notice...

When you get more into skiing, then consider buying equipment new or in excellent condition and putting more money on them. At your level, any decent intermediate ski will work just fine.. just make sure it's a relatively modern... Within the last 4 years... don't go any older than that.
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You should be able to get a full package for a fair price at this time of year (as the season begins to wind down in the east). We nabbed skis, boots, and bindings for my wife at the end of the 04-05 season and paid about $400 if I remember right (it was a 50% off sale -- I remember the $300 boots were only $150). She had skied one season at that point, but we went for intermediate gear to give her something to grow into. She got some women's-specific Blizzards skis (which are softer and easier to flex/carve than uni-sex skis), Nordica boots, and Salomon 610 bindings. Those ought to cover her for the foreseeable future.

I would recommend getting boots locally where you can verify the fit, but you may want to PM dawgcatching (Scott) and SierraJim (Jim) on this forum for the rest. They can likely recommend a great ski/binding combo for you and give you a good deal too. Even with $30 to ship to the East Coast, these guys have competitive prices, and they are well regarded here. I have bought from both and been pleased with the service.

Good luck!
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