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Past, Present, and Future Ski Bums

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Ok I'm young and at that point where it might be something I'm willing to do, hell I have a job and place setup for me at mammoth if i want, but the question really is, what do/did you guys do for health insurance? I mean you do plan on dedicating yourself to a physical activity, what if you break an arm or something, thats a pretty expensive doctor bill.

Expect more "ski bum" posts from Don.
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i, well, i was on cobra off my folks insurance for one season. Then for another season i got some of that short term health insurance. Then for about 9yrs i went without. Total medical bills in that period: $5000. But that was due to getting hit by a car while riding my bike, so after the injury settlement there was a net income. In this 8yr no insurance stretch, i did have probably 4-5 other injuries that probably should have had a doctor look at them, but they werent life threatening so i ignored them.

I have known people who have had to get knee surgery or worse without insurance, and while you may get a warm fuzzy feeling when your favorite ski town band does a benefit for you, the money raised doesnt go far toward a new knee.

If its a one season thing, and you are currently covered, look into COBRA, its not cheap, but its cheaper.

The short term insurance is cheap, but it is limited on what it will cover.

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Can you enroll in a community college and take a free ride on your parents' health coverage? For my kid that was cheaper than COBRA.
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It may be different in Canada, but I just stayed under my parent's (I was young enough and we 'claimed' I was still living at home, but if anything happened, I would say I was on vacation) luckily nothing happened but, I would strongly suggest getting some kind of insurance!!
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Consider major medical without comprehensive. That is you are insuring yourself for doctor visits and minor problems but will need help with the big stuff. MM is about 30% the cost of MM+Comp.
Many in the full time RV and Boating gigs have large pools to buy insurance. You might check out joining one of their pools even if you don't live on a boat or RV.
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COBRA or Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act is bill by congress that allows for continuation of insurance under your present employer for up to 18 months with the premium not to exceed 102% of present. COBRA is great if you would not otherwise qualify for health insurance but is usually expensive. If you presently have MM type of coverage under your present employer you might consider this option as well.

Ahh, forgot to mention that this is USA only.

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I never had insurance when I was bummin', but I never got hurt, and believe it wasn't because I was bein' a puss. Usually, if you work at a resort they will offer some sort of supplimental accident insurance for dirt cheap, like $20 a month. Now this won't cover natural health problems, but it will cover broken limbs, and no your skis don't count as limbs. The resort I worked for used Aflac. Even if you don't work while your out there, or the resort does't offer it, you can still get it at a resonable rate.
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In a lot of locations, the local chamber of commerce has an arrangement with one or more health insurance providers to give group coverage for small businesses that belong to the chamber. All you need is a DBA to join the chamber (Don's Ski Consulting, for example) and chamber dues. Probably cheaper overall than COBRA and something you can use year after year.
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Can't you get good travel insurance that covers medical?
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Doesn't Mammoth offer med insurance to thier seasonal emplyees?
Bummer if they don't. You may want to look for a resort does. Some do here in Utah, and some do in Col.
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The Mammoth seasonal accident insurance sucks. Buy Blue Shield, or something else instead.
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Ok so it seems it is something most people do take care of. I just didnt know if people just went without any, although it seems there are some who have done it successfully, just doesnt seem like a risk im willing to take. Thanks for the replies.
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I picked up a full medical insurance that includes skiing & boarding for 5 months for $700 nz (about $350 us).

A fairly good cover, the only thing that as I'm supposed to be over here in Japan on holiday they don't cover lost income. If I do have an early season though I still get reimbursed for my airfares by my boss
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