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70/30 Ski Advice

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I just got back from Whistler (great snow!) where I began to narrow in on new ski selection. I am an advanced intermediate, 5' 11' and 170 lbs., basically living on black diamond runs, happy to ski in the bumps, glades, or fast on groomed runs too. If there's powder, great, but mostly I ski on groomed (soft snow, not ice) slopes because that's what's available. I have found skis like the Elan 10 (168 cm) and the Dynastar Contact 11 (172 cm) to be a bit too unyielding (they feel stiff and board-like), whereas I liked the Fischer AMC 73 (preferred the 170 cm length to the 176 cm length). Any suggestions as to what else I should consider? My upcoming list includes the Head IM 72 and the Salomon XWing Tornado and/or Blast. Since my skiing keeps improving, is there a way to bridge to a slightly more advanced ski like the AMC 76? Or will they feel more like the stiffer skis above?
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I haven't skied on the AMC76's, but they have a metal layer and are probably quite stiff, I am 165 lbs or so and skied my friends Salomon X-Wing Tornado's in 170cm, no metal layer, just monocoque construction which is light and lively....they're nice and light, they really snap you out of turns and are quite easy to ski on....
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Nordica Nitrous! I'm 6-0, 175# and the 178cm works great for me and I demoed everything.
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You have made a key discovery. Ie: that you don't need a particularly agressive ski to be happy. There are a host of wonderful skis in this approximate price range however, you have found something you like so I wouldn't suggest a whole lot more experimentation. I think that it is possible to get "lost in demoland" (extra cost, possible confusion).

If you need to test a little more before purchasing, then the Solly Tornado might be a nice comparison to the Fischer. It will be light and nimble like the Fischer, possibly with a little more snap and a little less dampening. Both are very good skis for improving skiers. After making that comparison, you will probably have enough info to make a decision.

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I have been told that the Tornado would be MORE damp than the AMC 76. Do I have it in reverse, because these are my two final choices?

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Just So I Understand

Why not a nod to the Heads? I know it's an old design, but Ski Reviews gives the IM 72's very positive ratings. I will try the Tornados no matter what, and thanks for the input.
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