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Salomon X-Wave 10s

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Does any one have a view on Salomon X-Wave 10s.I have Strolz and am thinking of swapping over to these on advise that my bootfitter who says that my Rear Solus is blocked and heel isnt back enough due to a straight rear Solus and these are best for big angle bone that juts out and straight back ankle / solus.They look like pretty good boots.

Any opinion / experience with them would be interesting to hear.
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I have the 9, which only differs from the 10 by a couple rivets (that add stiffness). Very nice boot -- I like the compact size and they feel light to me. The shell fit is very good in my case. The liners did pack out quite a bit, but I switched to thicker socks and that did the trick.
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sounds like the right advice

nice boots, been a classic for MANY years now
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