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2/17-2/24, 7 Days, 4 Mountains...

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We drove to Rangeley ME on the 17th. Lots of sleds frequent that town and they were zipping by the motel room at all hours Saturday night. Skied Saddleback Sunday. Nice conditions lots of soft snow in some glades and some very variable untracked in a few places. Real hard "eastern hardpack" on the wide trails form the top but you could duck into a few different glades. New lodge and road there, but it's still like skiing in the 60's, with a t-bar to the top and old doubles. I liked it.

Sugarloaf on Prez day. Cold and windy, the top never opened and my Pocket Rockets got ripped off. Still got in some good skiing in though.

Tuesday, back at Saddleback for another day of old school on my old skis. More of the same - runs from the top even less edgable. I made my son ski it with me and he was a bit freaked out at the top. He handled it fine though, and, get this, later on he even thanked me for taking him there! SB just got snowmaking and they need to hire a guy from Okemo or something to come up and show them how to make snow and then groom it so it sticks. Granted that ridge is pretty wind blasted but still...They'll learn.

We quit early and had a long-ass drive through Maine and up to Quebec and beyond to Mont St. Anne. Beautiful place. I plan to go back there and spend some more time. Hit Le Massif just 20 minutes away too.

Wednesday, Conditions du ski magnifique! Beautiful, sunny, mid-20's, great lifts, high speed groomers, soft powdery bumps, some glades, some good fondue, get up and do it again the next day.

Thursday, we skied until 4PM then hit the highway sud and ouest for the border and our second visit in as many years to the Newport City Motel. It's right off the first exit in the states on I-91(or last) and about 17-miles from Jay Peak.

Friday, cold and windy at Jay. No tram all day. We didn't have the heart to take the freezer either... but we had a wonderful day, meeting up with some old friends and lapping the woods outside of Timbuckto Glade on the Jet triple. We stayed 'till the finish, catching the last ride up just before they closed. We had to feel our way back to the base, fighting down through a swirling, frozen vortex of snow and ice. Yeah, not a day for the Freezer.

Saturday. We we're planning to ski Jay and drive home afterwards, but woke up and decided to call it a week. Grabbed a late breakfast in Newport and got on the road about 11AM; made it down to Southern CT in 4-hours & 45-minutes
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Nice trip.
Next time @ Sugarloaf check out Diamond Corner B&B in Stratton. It's 7 miles to Sugarloaf and ~20 to Saddleback. No noise whatsoever and nicest hosts you'll ever meet.
I would really like to do something like that next year since there is going to be no ASC pass to blackmail me.
Thanks for the report!
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