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Boot Out?!?

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So I took a day off today and skied at our local hill (Labrador). Conditions were sweet. Lots of recent snow nicely groomed with 2-3" of fluff on top. It started out a little firm when it was cold (19* at 9am) but once the sun broke through at around 10:30 (temp went straight to 35*), the snow was begging for some extreme carving. On the steeper pitches (short, but pretty decent) I suffered boot out twice on my uphill ski. Once, it was violent enough to kick my uphill boot into my downhill boot and I was on my hip, sliding down the hill. I didn't think I'd run into this given the fact that my Dynamic VR17 Slaloms have a plate and the Atomic 614 bindings have additional stand height. On top of that, I was skiing on my XT17 boots, which seem to have a slimmer silhouette than my older Icon Carbons. Am I doing something wrong or is this just something I need to be aware of on my slalom skis?
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This is a sign...

That you are skiing really well, and should have had a photographer.
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I wish...

I constantly catch myself in a hybrid old school/modern technique which cannot be pretty. After more thought on the conditions and my body positioning, I think I may have had my feet too close together with too much weight on the uphill edge. It's just sooo cool to be able to have your weight so far inside the skis and still hold an edge!
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bjohansson, wanted to say hello when I saw Lab in your post. Skied at Lab last Wednesday, best conditions I've seen at yet.
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did you "toe out" or "heel out"?

could be your din setting
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lloyd, I think he's talking about his ski angle to the snow is so steep that his boot contacted the snow causing him to lose an edge.

You could try a wider ski or a higher lifter.

I love Lab, it's a great little ski area. We used to visit relatives in Tulley near there. I've skied there 4 or 5 times.
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Perhaps a little more counter?
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I was at Lab last Wednesday also...great day.

I just got back from a 2-day blast at Ice Face. See TR in appropriate forum in about 15 minutes.
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your really good when you can do this at will

FYI wider skis eliminated the problem with me for the most part.
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I can fall at will...I must be pretty damn good
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:drool Mmmm brains...




I was making some turns and feeling pretty good about them.  Looking at my tracks however, instead of seeing one nice thin line per skis, each ski was leaving two distinct lines in the snow.   I guess one line was from the ski, and the other from the boot.  The snow was not hard and icy enough to cause the boot to interfere with the edge grip; it just dragged in the snow a bit.


That is until I drifted to far to the right after losing my mind in the meditative aspect of going down the same run making faster tighter turns for a few hours.   The local race team had been practicing there SL there.  Lesson learned, although you can drag a boot toe on chalky snow, you can't do that on the polished off ice your local race team leaves around each gate. 

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