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Help me heal my hotspot!!!

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I'm going crazy!!! I had a hotspot on my ski boot that I was trying to correct myself for the entire month of February. I tried doughnut pads, duct tape, weather stripping, silly putty, you name it but when I finally developed a bad infection on my ankle,(staph) I had to finally concede to the doctor for a fix. I got a shot in the tush, was on cephalaxin for 10 days, had my boots streched out a little, and thought I was on the mend until Sunday night, when the infection came back with a vengance. Now I can't even get my snowboard boots on. I called the Doc today, and he changed my script to Amoxicillian.

I've been using bacatracin/zinc ointment, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol and nothing is helping.

We only have maybe a week or two left to ski here in Michigan, and I was really hoping to get a few more runs in.

Any suggestions to clear this thing up would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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Stay out of the boots until it all heals, Snowmiser. You don't want to restart that infection yet again. Come up north after that. We'll be skiing until April.
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Once again, I think I'm going to take your advice on this Kneale! I've been trying to fight it, but I'm loosing, so I mine as well give in and give it some rest. My friends at Alpine have been calling me the "gladiator"! I can ski, I just can't walk!! But at this point, I've got to listen to what my body is telling me.

Maybe I'll see ya later this month!!!

Thanks for the encouragement!

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