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I loved them to bits even the daft bulb that was supposed to light up when you flexed them..... Bought them in 1999 when doing a ski season in Val Thorens. They positively threw you out of turns and were briliiant off piste.... 8 years on I've finally broken them. For the last 4 years I've been in Australia so only skied the odd weekend in Thredbo and New Zealand. But now back in Switzerland and will be skiing more so it's time to buy some new skis. I love skiing off piste and can ski pretty much anything. When the conditions aren't up to it I'm happy getting the skis up on the edges and carving long fast turns on the groomed. My brother has given me his old pair of Stockli Asteroids so I have a great ski for pure powder days. Still looking for something that will rock in powder / crud but will also be capable of carving fast turns on groomed. The Asteroids do carve believe it or not but you need a big wide piste to do it.... No longer do moguls because of knees. Have an affection for K2 but have no idea about what has been happening with skis for the last few years. Looking for recommendations of what to try out? Thanks, Bob