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Boot stiffness ratings

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What is the proper way to determine what stiffness boot is correct for me, when looking whithin a particular line of boots?

I am a level 6-7 skier, 100% east coast up 'til now. Moderately aggressive, ski 80% blues, 5% green with the kids, and 5% blacks if not too icy. Weight = 177-180 pounds.

Two boots fit me well, Nordica Beasts and the Rossi Bandits. Question is, within each boot line the stiffness increases as the numerical model increases. How do I know which one is right for me. I will have to pre-order either boot from the local shop as they do not have any in my size in stock anyway (mondo 25). I just want to order the right stiffness.

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order stiffer option

you can make boots softer, but hard to make then stiffer later.
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A good shop will let you order both and return the one you don't like. Jsut ask them.
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Don't believe the stiffness ratings translate very well from brand to brand.

That being said, I'm on Nordica Beast 10s from last season and they have a flex of 80. That is fairly low on Nordica's flex scale, but they do stiffen up 10-15 points on a colder day.
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It doesn't even say anything for the same manufacturer. The stiffness rating is the stiffness the producer wants the boot to be stiff. It must look good for the whole range.

i.e. a 1 year old Fischer F9000 in 130 is way stiffer than a new RC4 Worldcup in 150. Even if you take out both bolts on the back on the F9000 they are still way stiffer than the RC4 with bolts.
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I wound up buying the Nordica Beast 10X. I plan to ski them for the first time Saturday, the 10th.

I found out what everyone else has been eluding to. The numbers are basiclly bunk except within each brands individual line...Beast 10 stiffer thatn the 8 and softer than the 12. The rating for the Beast line does not corelate (well) to the Speedmachine line and does not corrrelate at all to another brand.

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if too soft, you can fabricate a "direct driver" plate for the shin portion of the boot.

i may be doing this in the near future for a pair of nordica speedmachine 8s i just baught. if it works out well i will write something up. I have some direct drivers lying around. but HDPE sheeting could be used to make some.
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