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Elan 777 or 2007 Dyn 8800

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Help me quick.

I have skied the 8800 a couple years back but have not skied the 07 model. I really liked the ski but it's been so long I can't remember the characteristics that well other than I think it is softer than the 777. I skied the 777 a few months back and just loved it. My local dealer has the 777 for $350 and the 07 8800 for $600. Please refresh me on the difference of the 07 8800 and the current 777. I know this is a lame request but I am in a hurry. I have a old Elan S12 Fusion for carving and I am looking for something to ski off Piste but still have the carving ability on groomers. I know the 777 has this as well as the 3 year old 8800. I ski aggressive and have been skiing for 20 years. I am ready to throw down for the 777 today but should I consider the 07 8800's for extra $$?

If I go with the 777 should I mount them on the factory mark of move them back a bit. Again I will be using this ski for off piste steeps,bowls and tree's and primarily in Colorado.

Again pardon the lack of information
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I own the 8800 and think it's a great soft snow ski. It turns without effort, is decent on hardpack, and is stable at speed. I've never been sorry for picking that ski up despite the fact I ski it about 10 days a year.

All that said, faced with the choice of $350 for a 777 or $600 for the 8800, I'd probably go for the 777, as it's a very good ski as well.

I haven't skied this years model, but in the past I've really enjoyed that ski as well. I'd give the 777 the upper hand on hard pack, but think the 8800 is a little better soft snow ski due to the softer tip.

BTW--if price is a big factor, I think you can find a much better price on the 8800 than $600 if you look around.
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I faced the same decision earlier this year and tried to cover my thoughts in an earlier post. I cant say what the "new" 8800 is like or how its different than this year's (take a look at Dawgcatching's new post) - but I would almost say the flex is the same, maybe the 777 is softer (?). I chose the 777. It carries speed well, better than the 8800 (yes, weird given that is might be softer), and rolls over crud better (777 was clear winnder in this categorty, which was the most important categorty to me for that decision - again, counterintuitive). Frankly I think it does everything better - but I know others will disagree. At that price though, get the 777 while you can. BUT - get the right size!! Search the posts here on m777 lengths.
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