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are Dynastar BIGS the best freerides ever designed?

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i'm looking to buy a pair of 194cm Dynastar BIGS (the older flame graphics model made between 1999-2001). I need a ski for freeriding that rips pow, crud, cliffs and is super stable at the highest of speeds. A lot of very positive reviews have been written about the BIGS as far as freeride skis are concerned. I already ski on Pocket Rockets, and they're sweet, but for some reason I've always been obsessed with the BIGS. I've seen a lot of hardcore skiers really rip on 'em. I've also noticed very few 194cm BIGS for sale at swaps and on on-line forums... is this because they're so sweet that nobody wants to sell them? any help, info and experience would be greatly appreciated (or anyone willing to sell me some) - thanks
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Are Dynastar Bigs the Best ever designed? For some Skiers yes for others no. There will always be Skiers that will tell you that This ski or that ski is the best. If that were true then we would only need one ski comany and one style ski. Some will tell you that Stockli Stormriders are better, others will say get an Atomic Sugardaddy, While many will tell you the best Big Mountain ripper is the Volkl Explosive. Who cares what others are doing? It's what works for you that counts. There are lots and lots of toys to choose from. If you are obbessed with them then by all means buy a pair. If this is a ski to add to your quiver I'm sure you will have a blast. If This is to be your one ski, well then I would look for something a bit more versatile.
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3 quick things about bigs...

First of all, there is no difference in construction between the flame graphic and the intuitive graphic ski. If you take a close look at the intuitive graphic big, you will notice the topsheet texture is the flame one. I have heard that the original flame bigs were actually made in the race room, but I can't confirm that.

As to switching from the Procket to the Big, they are totally different skis. The first third of both skis are suprisingly similar. However, past that the Big is amazingly stiff- similar to an old DH ski. Just something to think about if you use the softness of the tail of the Procket.

As for why you don't see em... you guessed it. My roomate is selling a pair right now (flame graphic) merely because he isn't allowed to ski them anymore due to contractual issues. If you want a pair I can put you in touch with him. Otherwise, he would still ski them. It's his second pair.

Oh, and they rip. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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sanchez - yeah have your roommate e-mail me at mcskiman@hotmail.com - i would appreciate it. I'm not getting BIGS to replace my Pocket Rockets, merely just another option for a rippin' good time, that's all. I realize that the two skis are very unique and quite different from each other, that's why I thought it would be cool to have both. Everyone has tried to sell me the 194cm intuitive BIGS. Yes, they are the same as the original flame graphics model, but I think the Intuitive graphics are quite ugly so I'm holding out for the flames. Plus, the Intuitives will be more expensive because they're newer. By no means do I want the BIGS to be trendy or because a lot of good skiers have them in the lift lines. I've researched these skis for a couple years now and definitely know they rip hard and will fit my style of skiing perfectly... thanks for the feedback.
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Are the Bigs the best freeride ski ever made?, well, they are a great ski by all means (I almost bought a pair myself), but I would take a Stockli Astroid or Stormrider DP (they're the same ski) over the Bigs anyday.
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mcskiman- I understand you there. Just making sure you knew what you were getting into (never having met you and all). I'll let my roomate know.

As for the Stockli's- I have skied a number of days on the bigs, and I have owned a pair of Asteroids. I thought the Bigs could handle crud a little better because they naturally bounce up with the soft tip rather than going to one side. It is also harder to submarine them. I loved my stocklis- you'd have a hard time going wrong with them as well. Straightline whatever you want. Just get the 186's.
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Here's what I like about the BIGS. I think they have the perfect sidecut. My Pocket Rockets get squirrely at high speeds because of all the sidecut. I've heard the BIGS have extremely good edge hold on the groomed for a ski with 85mm girth, yet they straightline powder and mush with great stability. The swallow tail sinks a bit in the powder, allowing the shovel to float to the top. The ski is very rigid w/ vertical sidewalls, making it very stable at high speeds in choppy and cruddy snow. The shovel is bent up more than most skis, making is a great powder tool and actually making it ski a bit shorter than the actual length of 194cm. I'm 6'4", about 190 lbs and ski very agressively with good technique, so I have the height and weight to flex and handle them. The BIGS aren't zip line bump skis, but that's not what they were designed for - who wants to ski bumps when you can rail huge arcs at high speeds instead? I do believe they were designed by Dynastar's race department. I also heard that the BIGS are very durable because of their design... vertical sidewalls, metal top sheet, wood core, etc. Finally, they look cool - and while that's not the most important thing, it's definitely a bonus. Most skiers would probably say that cosmetic/esthetic appeal is not a consideration when perchasing a ski - I totally disagree - you have to look at how the ski meshes with your ability, style and terrain preferences, and you also have to like how they look. When I get a pair, I'll take them out on big pow days or when I really what to let 'em run. My Pocket Rockets will be for the park and pipe and playing around... Again, I appreciate any more feedback on the BIGS.
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sanchez, C'Mon!, the 186's??? You gotta go with the 201's. Just kidding, the 186's are sweet, I haven't yet rode the 201's, but I'm sure speeds of Mach Loony are very attainable on those puppies.
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Yeah... I have fond memories of the 'Roids. I kinda miss em. I like my new skis though- the're just different. I kept my Roids race tuned and waxed, so they were stupidly fast. Similar surface area to a small SG...

McSkiMan- Yeah, the Biggs rock. You sound like a guy who can handle em. I liked em, and I'm 5"10 150 on a good day . Eat your wheaties!
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Yes !!! they are the best

duke [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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