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TR: 10" freshies at Vail 2/27 (sorry no pics)

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Well, Tiffany and I headed toward Vail this morning since they had the biggest 24hr snowfall around. We stopped in at Precision Ski in Frisco to let her demo some different skis to get a feel for what she likes. We decided on some 160 Rossi B3s and it was a great choice.

On our way down I-70 epicski member Abox gave me a call and we set a place/time to meet at the mountain. We made only one short warmup run before we met him at the top of Game Creek. Once we introduced ourselves, we were off to the back bowls. We made our way from Sun Down, to Sun Up, to China in boot-top to near knee-deep pow. By the time we got back there most was tracked out, but we found some good stuff in various places. It was surprisingly crowded back there for a weekday. We probably waited 10 minutes for the High Noon lift as both sides of the maze were full.

From there we headed to BSB and took it easy on Cloud Nine and Big Rock Park, then over to Grand Review. Abox, being the great skier that he is opted for some tree lines while Tiff and I took it easy. Tiffany was really getting worn out by the powder and chopped up crud, so she took a break at Belle's Camp. I decided to be brave, so Abox and I headed for the cornice at Iron Mask. I happened to pick just about the largest drop on the entire ridge and decided to go for it anyway. I made the drop just fine, then as I started my second turn my skis got crossed up in the heavy deep powder and I went down. Crawling back up that steep face is a serious PITA!

After that Tiff and I were both pretty beat(not having much experience in pow), so we headed to Two Elk for some chow and a long break. Abox went his own way and we finally just headed back down the front side.

It was an awesome day, that's for sure. I'm anxious to get out in that kinda stuff more often and learn some better pow technique. Abox was a great ski buddy and we all had a great time. If anyone gets out during the week, you should hook up with him since he's out tue-thurs most every week.

Oh yeah, I also got a call while on the mountain too. It was a great job offer that I had interviewed for last Friday. That made the day that much better!
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Thanks Mike and Tiffany for a great day and for not mentioning my butt plant on Iron Mask. After we split up I did a run on Ghengis Khan...had to slay the beast that hobbled me and all. Then went on to Northwoods and did South Rim, then to the front side and some bumps on Zot, finally back to Lionshead and homeward. Great weather, great snow, perfect Vail day!
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Great news on the job front, madmike! What'll you be doing?
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Thanks Steve! I'll be installing and programming fire alarm systems in commercial structures for SimplexGrinnell. The boss said I'll be working with him next week to finish out the new stadium for the Colorado Rapids. Sounds like a lot of fun!
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Great news on the job Mike! Sounds like a really neat gig. Not so great news is you maybe missing some weekday skiing

Tell Tiff I also ride the Rossi B3's.
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Nice stuff!
If anybody is up for this Friday let us know!
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Don, yeah unfortunately it will. BUT, the benefits here are great and they give me 2 weeks vacation from day 1, so I'll be able to take a day or two off for LGCIII!

Mr. Vert, where ya headed on Friday???
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