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Zip Fit Inner Boot

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I’ve had a difficult time finding Zip Fit inner boots for my wife and myself.

I live in Washington State and from the manufacture's web site there are no locations within 1000 miles of me. Anyone know where I can order them online?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Don't get them without dealer support.
While they are a great inner liner, they take some time and adjustments to get "right". Mine took about 4 days of skiing and numerous trips back to the bootfitter before they were right.
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Hey Robscapes sorry to hear you had problems I got ZipFits earlier this year and I got them mailorder from Footloose in Mammoth Lakes CA and I'm a long way from there so I wasnt going to get any help inperson if you know what I mean anyway mine did have a tough first 3-4 days but I just loosened and tightened my buckles during the day as the comfort needed and now theyre fantastic.

So it really depends on how lucky you are I guess.
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I have sold zipfits for the last five years in Calgary. Would be happy to help.
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Thanks for the feedback, race510 I'll be in contact.
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