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Forum Demographics

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Let's see how we stack up here. I know some of this has been done previously but there are a lot of new people on the board now.
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I am surprised no one professes to knwo everything about skiing they need to and skis better than anyone they ever meet. Re-inforces my belief that the only time a skier doesn't have anything new to learn is when they are six feet under!
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And many long years of learning fun to you, Young Master Karsten!
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"Professional" does not always mean it is the pinnicle of actual skiing skill - it means they make money by being on their skis. A person who only teaching brand new skiers, and in in the "bullpen" pretty much all the time may not be truly an expert skier -- nor do they need to be as long as they are dedicated, compassionate and energetic!
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Very interesting demographics. I think it says good things about this forum when the results show such a wide range of skiing experience and age of the participants [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ok, we have a taker!!!

....Now who might be the 'Ski God' from question #1? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Just a little different slant on Todd's remark. -- The question was addressed as to your ability in the sport. The term professional in that context would encompass those who have or have had skill levels where they were able to generate income at a competitive level.

I guess there should be some discussion on the difference between a ski professional and a professional skier. Football and basketball coaches, trainers, and staff are all professional people, but they are never referred to as professional athletes. The same should hold true in the ski world.

I am adding this note because it seems a little out of line that we would have so many professional grade skiers on this forum. ... But then, we do also have one Ski God!!
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Just a note to bring this back onto the first page.

--- It appears we are still getting input even while on secondary pages!!!

Thanks to all who have participated!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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