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Yet another injury

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I sprained my bad ankle (broke the tib & fib in 2 places each with the tib shearing of the growth plate, rumptured achilles and to top it off flesh eating disease at the point of surgury, all just over a decade ago) in November.

It got a bit better, enough that I could ski 7 straight days in Fernie in January without too much more pain than normal.

ONE DAY of eastern skiing later (last week) and huge pain. My girlfriend is a physiotherapist (lucky me ) and told me in no uncertain terms, get thee to thy orthopod. Looks like membrane between my tib & fib is ripped and so is the peroneal ligament. The doc thinks he's going to put a screw between the two bones to let the membrane heal right saying being in a cast will also help everything else heal and settle down a bit too.

I should have let them cut it off when I had the chance 11 years ago...
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thy girlfriend is smart, and thou art smarter for dating a physiotherapist!
hope it heals well, and keep us updated on the progress.
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