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Good Rental place SLC?

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My g/f and I are going out west and skiing for the first time. We are going to stay in SLC cause she likes to have a few more things to do besides ski.

Anyway whats the best ski shop to rent from around the city? Ski n see? We will bring our boots but our skis are not all mountain so we will be renting for four days..

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Not sure is they are "the best" , but we liked their discount lift tickets.
We also rented in Park City and Deer Valley - almost the same price.

If you want to demo any particular brand or model - better call the shop to make sure they have it available in your size.
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my experience is that utah ski and golf has the best selection of demo skis and they will pretty much always give you a 20% discount on rentals. and of course they have the discount lift tickets like everyone else.

i'm here for the week and wanted a pair of mantras for the week. they mounted a brand new set of skis for me, charged me an extra $10 a day because of it, but gave me a 20% discount on top of it so i'm still only paying $36 a day for brand new skis...
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i second the vote for US&G.
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Utah Ski and Golf

Print out their 20% off internet coupon- Our group got $28/ day demo package - Volkl AC3's - which were pretty sweet. I was impressed with their full line of men's and women's equipment selection.

They also have the same lift tix prices as Canyon Sports

PCMR and The Canyons are 59 and 55 or vice versa- pretty good discount off list prices of 70+. Alta-48. Just check out the website.

One other thing - you can rent the skis at one shop and return them at another.
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