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Is it really this easy?

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If you know how to ride, this will give you a good laugh. If you don't be vewy afwaid.
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He had me the moment I read about "intel" on the "White Mountain Predator." I get this mental image of a divorcee well into a third scotch in North Conway.

Actually, if he offered "11 easy steps to get yourself to man-up" I'd consider buying, but fortunately that wasn't part of the pitch.
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I'm in. I just got to have the........
Killer FREE Bonus #3:
The Top 155 Snowboarder
Slang Terms Dictionary
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Come on go for it guys!
Be sure to report back with your findings! :
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my back hurts just reading it
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Hehe your third layer must NOT be waterproof.

And the biggest lough - I'm Justin Gatlin and have been snowboarding for 2 years. Heck yeah - I know that after 2 years everyone will rip the pro tour.
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You only have to follow the 69 steps, i.e. instead of hearing these things from a pro (instructor) you have to be a dipshit reading a book on the slopes...

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Don’t be afraid to take a few lessons from a professional snowboard instructor.
But wait! I shouldn't need to take a lesson from a Pro if I have your book.....
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I love that he included the J-Tear in his list of pipe tricks. Has anyone even done a J-Tear since 1990??? Sweet.
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