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moving to burlington?

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I'm going up to Burlington, VT over thanksgiving weekend to give it a closer look as a possible place to live. In addition to checking out its obvious outdoors assets, I'd like to hear from people who live(d) there or in the vicinity about its + and -.
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I had the pleasure of living in Burlington for five years. It's a great town (and I stress town - if you are looking for a city this is definitely not one). Obviously if you are someone who enjoys outdoor pursuits it's got everything you could ask for - all within 45 minutes drive at the most.

Negatives... well it's cold You wouldn't believe the wind coming off that lake in January.

How old are you? The nightlife is probably geared more towards college kids. There is a lot to do for a small place, but the students pretty much takeover downtown from Thursday through Sunday.

Job wise the market isn't the greatest, there are only a few large employers up there (IBM employs most people in the Champlian Valley). The cost of living I found to be pretty cheap though, which makes up for the tougher job market.

It's a beautiful place to live .. it's just not for everyone.
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James, I also lived five years in B-town. I agree with VT Skier it's a college town that gets a bit overrun but I would say that if you are looking for a laid back place to live with a ton of stuff always going on this is the place. You have just about every outdoor sport imaginable at your finger tips. Buy warm WINDPROOF clothes and good luck with the housing market, it sucks! look outside burlington for a place to live. Rents cheaper and you wont live next to well the kind of house I used to live in, and trust me you don't want to live within five city blocks of some of the places I called home for a few years. Good luck.
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I grew up in VT andlived in Burlington for four years while at UVM and also am toying with the idea of moving back up there.
As others mentioned, the job market isn't the greatest, and the housing market is VERY tight right now. Burlington is actually pretty expensive for Vermont standards (but compared to say, Boston, it's inexpensive!).Try looking at www.burlingtonfreepress.com for an idea of what is out there for housing/jobs. Look in the outlying towns-Colchester, Milton, Jericho, Underhill, Essex etc. also.
Burlington is a great place to live-as other's mentioned it's great if you're an outdoor enthusiast. It's also got a pretty vibrant music and arts scene. Nighlife is geared to the college students, but I have lots of 20/30 something friends up there and they find plenty to do!
Yes, it gets cold, but I find winters in Boston worse-it's wet and damp. AND, if you're used to "big city" life, you're going to find Burlington VERY quiet! If you have any more questions, let us know.
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Hey, I live in Burlington and I think it's just great. It's very cosmopolitan. I mean, Warren Miller's latest offering is showing the weekend of the 17th at the Flynn. Skiing is very convenient: Smuggler's notch, Stowe, Mad River, Sugarbush, all about an hour away, little Bolton Valley even closer, with night skiing, so you can zip over there after work for some midweek runs. Look me up and I'll show you around, fill you in.

Lots of +'s: small enough city so there's no street crime or pollution, large enough to have a diverse population and lots of stuff going on, proximity to Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains means great recreation possibilities.

Some -'s: Northern weather (I actually like it, although some complain), tight housing market although I have the proven method to find a place. What you do is choose the neighborhood that you want to live in, make up a flyer offering $100 to whoever finds you a good deal on a place, then post the flyer all over the neighborhood. Never fails. I guess I could list other -'s but actually, if the place fits you, you'll know it, and you'll find a way to deal with the -'s.
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Burlington and the county where it lives [Chittenden County] hold about a fifth of the entire population of Vermont. I live in Essex Junction, which contains a lot of homes and IBM. I am not ready to concede that IBM employs "most" folks here, but it employs a lot - more, even, than the state government. For a skier, and also for many others, life here is as good as it gets. You've already read [above] about the proximity to Jay, Smugglers Notch, Bolton Valley, Stowe and Sugarbush. We also have a number of athletic clubs, at least three with indoor and outdoor tennis. I expect to ski AND play tennis all winter. Burlington can be a convenient place to live, but the other towns in the county also have their attractions. You can even live within ten miles of downtown Burlington and be in the country - REAL country! There are a gazzillion movie theaters and restaurants, almost any kind you could want. Although "night life" in some instances is geared to college students, we older farts [I'm sixty] enjoy concerts of many kinds, theater, dance - I mean, both to watch and to do - and I can't say I've heard many complaints. Also, you're about an hour and a half from Montreal, about three hours from Boston, not all that far from Lake Placid, etc. Even New York City isn't that far by car. Housing: The market has indeed been tight, but since that awful tragedy in September, it's somewhat more difficult to sell a house here - so it's easier to buy one. I can't speak with a lot of authority for the rental situation in Burlington or anywhere else, but it's not all THAT tight. It just depends on how much you want to spend. Employment: All it takes is that one job opening, and it's always an individual thing. It depends a whole lot on what you seek to do for a living. I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut and I lived in Boston during my three years in law school. However, I've lived in this county all of my adult life, and I can't say I'm sorry. If you decide to come live here, or just to explore, you're welcome to give me a call. Start by e-mailing me at: bgreene@law66.com
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James, I lived in Waitsfield VT as well. If you are planning on working in the ski industry or want to work in resort management year round Waitsfield is just about my favorite place on earth next to my hometown. People are great, hour away from b-town, 45 away from Stowe (Tubbs Snow shoes is there good company to work for). Classic small town VT. Good luck I envy your move.
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