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This is kind of a follow on to the topic about 'best state'.
Having skiied at close to 100 resorts world-wide, I often get quizzed about my favorite resort.
It becomes more realistic if the question is framed as follows:

If you could only ski at one resort for the rest of your skiing life, which would it be??

At the risk of being beat up by my ski partners at Stowe, I would have to say, based on that one criterion, it would have to be St Anton in Arlberg.
After spending time there as a mountain guide, I still know that there is much of that area that I have never seen.

The East/West debate does get a bit tedious-I have taught on both sides, and I would have to say that who I am skiing with is far more important than where I am skiing.
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ain't beenM aroundA muchM, butM I couldO hangT hereH awhile...

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Well skiswift, I'm with you. I'd likely pick the Arlberg too. As a matter of fact, I asked my wife that very question last summer, and we ended up in Stowe. Our list included JH, Steamboat, Aspen and Park City. If it were purely for skiing, it would have been the Arlberg. Unfortunately, you also need to be able to afford living there and so on.
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Hmm...considering I've only been to one I guess that's what I'd have to chose. So Perfect North Slopes in Indiana is my choice. If it was any resort, been to or not, then I'd say Snowbird just because of all the great things I hear about it.
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I love St Anton, although I'm not sure I could handle the apres ski there permenantly. Close to Lech/Zurs as well, great region.

I 'd have to pick Val d'Isere though, just for the imensity and variety of skiing.

Even though I grew up in the Rocky mountains, I have yet to ski some of the big areas in my own back yard so my pick might change after I ski Jackson or Utah, or Whistler.
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Tough call,
But I'd have to say Val d'Isere or St Anton, and part of the reason is the size of the ski area.
If the rule was that I had to stay in one ski area, then I'd want it to be big, so that kinda rules out most of the North American ski areas. (OK, by that call, I'd have to say the 3 Valleys, but there are too many people there who just go to see & be seen, bit just skiing)

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For me it has to be a choice between Espace Killy, Les Trois Valles or Whistler/Blackcomb. Never been to St. Anton.
3 Valleys has the size & variety of on/off-piste, but very busy & too many British louts for my liking especially in Meribel. Val D'Isere has great skiing but been there so many times already I'm in no rush to go back. Although Whistler is much smaller I don't find I get bored & you don't have to put up with the French lift queue technique. Also love the tree skiing & the powder which don't typically get as much of in Europe.
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Mad River Glen.
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I agree: St. Anton RULES!!!! It has it all: trails of every exposure and grade, endless off-piste, huge vert., a modern lift system, great restaurants both on an off slope, snowsure at altitude, incredible transportation (local shuttle busses, Post busses, train links). With the new lift upgrades going into Rendle and Lech this year, the place is just going to get better. You can ski this place for your entire life and still make new discoveries.

I dream every day of moving to St. Anton. I'm going to some other resorts in Europe this year, but in 2005, I'm going to make my fourth trip to STANTON and spend two weeks there (maybe three if I can swing it)....

If I was a full-time resident, I would probably move to St. Jacob (the town just east of STANTON). It is connected by shuttle to Stanton but quieter. I like Lech a lot but the rail station at STANTON would be a big draw for me if I lived there. It would allow me to easily travel to Zurich, Munich, Innsbruck, and even Vienna. Ah, to dream [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Couldn't ever pick one. Variety is one of the main things I love about the sports I participate in. Make me choose 1, and I'll get
bored no matter how great it is.

Gotta keep truckin, there's a whole world out there.
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