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Side Bevel Guide

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I need a base and side bevel guide that will work with an array of different tools... preferably for cheap... I was thinking of something like this:


I like the shims and all, but I have several different thickness stones and files... Would this work if I'd take the built-in clamp off and strap the stone on to the guide w/ shims using a clamp sort of like this:


I have a few of these already.. Will they hold the shims, guide, and stone as well as the clamping system that came with it....

And I guess I made a big assumption that the clamping system on the guide will come off.... Am I correct in this assumption?
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Also, I need a base edge bevel that will work similarly... preferably on the cheaper side... any recommendations.. I need a range from 0.5 - 1.5 degree
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Any Info...? DrD....? Potential sale for you...
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Here are the edge & bevel guides we offer. The Razor or Xact will do both side and base edges.
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Will they each work with different thickness/length/width stones and files?
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I'm digging the Razor, will it hold arkansas (from racewax.com), ceramic (About same dimensions as Arkansas stone), and diamond stones?

I noticed that for base edges it will only hold the included file.. which is a no-go for me...
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Both will clamp up to 6mm (+) thickness for side edge work and any length, held diagonally. The Razor will also clamp up to 6mm thick stones and files for base bevels. The Xact only holds the included file or replacement 45 mm long by 5mm thick.

Here's the Tools4Boards Razor instructions PDF.
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are the SVST arkansas stones 6mm thick?
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Dunno. Our Arkansas stones are 5.5mm thick, The aluminum oxide above just fits and actually measures 6.5mm.
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Alpinlord - Just grabbed the Razor... Thanks for all the info and the help.

DrD... Bought some DMT Diamond Stones off of you, also...
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No worries & thank you. I've used my Razor for a couple years and like it's versatility, ease of use and ergonometric design.
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I like the SVST file guide kit myself:


Huge amount of versatility -- you can clamp anything onto the guide.
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