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Mad River Glen in April?

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How late does MRG tend to stay open? If I wanted to head up in early April, will it still be open?
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Just checked the tickets on my ski pants. My last ticket for MRG last year was for March 27th, which if I remember correctly, was the closing day. Even took a two hour lesson in the woods. Of course we were all shoveling snow at the bottom of lower Bunny for several days so we could get down. Only time I remember my arms aching more than my legs by the end of the day!

Who knows? My fingers are crossed, and am hoping for that elusive April ticket too.

By the way, my wife heartily agrees with your comments about the Sweet Daddys.
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Maybe this year. I think I've skied there in April?
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Here is their calendar:


No mention of closing dates although some events in early April. I would email them (see address in bottom of link) and ask their tentative closing date.

I guess you could always ski the Bush or Stowe if they are closed...
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I have skied there in april before.
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Totally depends on the snow. Keep an eye on conditions. [ The weatherman is predicting a " winter weather event " for this Thursday and Friday ... ! ] If we have a good March and things hold up we can ski into mid- April. In any case, the natural snow ski's so much nicer than man-made and the front deck of the baselodge is a perfect place for a beer afterwards.
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I skied at MRG in April during the 04-05 season. It all depends on how well the snow holds up. With the current conditions, it looks pretty good for staying open until April unless there is an extreme and sustained warm-up. I was there last Sunday and there was plenty of snow.
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